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Keep it contained – 5 Great Uses for a Plastic Bin in the Kitchen


1 – Seasoning Packet Storage –


            I love to use a small plastic bin to put all my seasoning packets in. For the most part they are the same size and it’s easy to keep them all in one spot together. The bin fits nicely in the cabinet and takes up little space. You can get a small tub or plastic container in almost any size to fit in your cabinet how you’d like.


2 – Tupperware Lids –


            Now, this might seem silly but if you have as many Tupperware and left-over dishes as me, you know how confusing and frustrating finding a lid can be. A plastic container is the perfect way to keep all the lids together. When you need to find a lid, just get your container out and quickly find what you are looking for. It sure beats digging around and getting all the dishes out of place.


3 – Onions and Potatoes –


            An open stackable plastic container is perfect for storing onions, potatoes and much more. The stackable piece can fit in the pantry or in a large cabinet. I combine mine in one container that is at the bottom of the pantry. The beauty of this is that if you ever forget about that last potato, like I have, then you’ll be able to throw your bin in the bathtub and wash it with soap and hot water. Couldn’t be easier!


4 – Food –


            Plastic tubs are great for storing certain foods. Items like bags of sugar, flour and pasta are likely to attract little pests and are better off stored in an airtight container. It is the cheapest and most effective way to preventing and ensuring there isn’t anything in that sugar that isn’t sweet!


5 – Under the kitchen sink –

            It’s funny how sometimes when an item doesn’t have a home it goes under the kitchen sink. Plastic bins are perfect for organizing the stuff that gets shoved under the sink. Even better, you can easily take the bin out and sit it on the counter when you are looking for something rather than hunching over to dig through everything. I suggest putting your cleaning chemicals in one bin, cleaning utensils in another and random stuff in a bin of its own. That way, all your items will be separated, organized and contained.

Plastic bins – the new catch-all for…well…everything!


Plastic bins are becoming the answer to many of our organizing issues. With many different sizes, shapes and sets we can custom organize anything, really. Some bins have wheels, some have holes and some have drawers. The options are endless and sometimes that in itself can become a little overwhelming.

I use plastic bins in almost every room of my home. Not only are they affordable, they are stackable and very easy to clean and reuse. Better yet, they are great for containing items that may have an odor or need to be water and pet proofed as well!

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