Monthly Archives: March 2009

Protect your Paper with Plastic Bins


Using plastic to protect important paper documents is smart and affordable. Plastic storage boxes and bins come in all shapes and sizes so you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for. Not only can you use a plastic bin around the house, there are also specialty plastic bins created just for protecting your paper documents and projects.


The reason is obvious – plastic will protect your papers from discoloration, liquid and odor damage.  


One of the specialty protectors I came across was the Project Case from the brand Iris. They make a lot of plastic bins and this is just one of the many I like. The reason I like it is it has a snap down buckle and a handle. So I can take my work portfolio and other paperwork with me where I go. It isn’t too oversized so I can put it the bookshelf when it is not in use and it keeps the corners of my papers and folders from folding and creasing.


As I stated before, any plastic bin will work to protect your papers and documents, this one is just a more portable option.