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Scrapbooking Wanna Be? This Bin’s for You!

17746-Iris Large Photo Keeper with 12 Cases

17746-Iris Large Photo Keeper with 12 Cases

I’m jealous of scrapbookers.

I have friends who keep scrapbooks. They set aside time every month to organize their photos, crop them down, carefully attach them to pages in their books, and then proceed to beautifully decorate the pages with colorful cutouts, stamps, and a multitude of fancy do-hickies. The result is a gorgeous work of art – a keepsake for future generations!

Me? I count myself lucky if I even get a print developed. Much less, spend hours painstakingly designing a fancy home for them. Don’t get me wrong! I’m most definitely the creative type. But most of my creativity these days is spent trying to feed a family of five on a budget for four, or finding a way to jimmy-rig the broken kitchen faucet until payday. 🙂

That’s why I love this Photo Keeper bin from Iris! The Large Photo Keeper includes 12 individual photo cases that each hold 100 standard 4″ x 6″ photos. The cases are acid free for long term use, and have rounded corners and edges to protect your cherished memories. The large and affordable keeper bin buckles closed and has an easy carry handle.

This way I can pat myself on the back when I do get pictures developed, and consider it a real accomplishment when I nest each batch into it’s protective box, give it a label and store it away for safekeeping.

Not a fancy scrapbook, but perfect for someone like me who just wants to document those memories and keep them for future generations.

You can purchase the Large Photo Keeper with 12 Cases at Stacks and for $19.99.