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Post Holiday Plastic Bins

Extra Large Storage Box with Snap Down Lid - Iris 251019

Extra Large Storage Box with Snap Down Lid – Iris 251019

The sweets have been eaten and the wrapping paper cleared. Family and guests have all gone home. And as you bask in the warm afterglow of another memorable holiday season, the thought crosses your mind…”I have to clean all this up!”

Well, Stacks and Stacks makes that chore just a little easier to think about with a multitude of organizers and plastic storage boxes made specifically for holiday storage!

So, let’s see…first there are the wreaths and garlands. They can zip up tight into the soft-sided Wreath Keeper. Then the lights need to come down. They can  be wound up on the handy dividers in the Holiday Light Box and tucked away, tangle-free, for next year. Then stash those ornaments away in the Wing Lid Holiday Storage Box. It comes with cardboard dividers that keep all your ornaments separated and protected from damage.

If you have an artificial tree, it can bed down in the Christmas Tree Storage Box for the year. This plastic bin has snap-down clasps on the ends to keep stray branches in their place. Finish with all your stockings and assorted decor in a 60 qt Holiday Storage Bin, also with snap-lock closures and your job is done!

Neat, easy and totally organized. 🙂