Monthly Archives: January 2010

The Coolest Plastic Bin Organizer!


If you’re like me, you love plastic storage boxes and bins for organizing! I have several in my garage for everything from Christmas decorations to summer clothes.


For the longest time I had them all neatly labeled and stacked against the side wall. But after a while I got frustrated with having to rearrange the stacks every time I wanted to access one of the plastic bins (which was inevitably on the very bottom).


Then last weekend I was shopping for some sort of solution and came upon the Storage Box Organizer at Stacks and Stacks. It holds up to twelve 15-35 gallon plastic storage boxes (max size 17″h x 19.5″w x 18″-36″d) and has a unique design that allows your bins to easily slide in and out like drawers. This unit is made of PVC piping and will hold up to 1200 lbs. Putting it together is no hassle and it includes 12 ID labels for your storage bins!


And if you want something really cool – on the same page you can also buy a set of four 32-gallon folding storage totes. The folding bins are designed to fit the box organizer, but you can also use them elsewhere. The storage bins are made out of nylon fabric covering heavy-duty PVC panels. They are moisture and mildew resistant, and the boxes and their matching lids fold up totally flat for easy storage. There’s even a clear window pocket on each end so you can label the contents!


I’ll definitely be ordering one of these for the garage! And maybe one for the attic…  🙂