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A Plastic Bin for Salad?

Sald bin?

Sald bin?

 I love salad! I bring a giant one to work with me almost every day. It’s inexpensive and healthy, and doesn’t leave me feeling too full to work after lunch. 

Up until now, though, I didn’t have a good way to transport them here. Sometimes I buy the bagged salads and I just grab that and a bottle dressing in the morning and I’m good to go. But usually, I make my own salads from the fresh veggies I get at the market.

Most days, however, I find myself in such a rush that this poses a problem. If I don’t have tome to make my salad before I leave the house, I have to load up a grocery bag with the lettuce, carrots, peppers, walnuts, apple, dressing, etc. And then I wind up taking all the room in our little mini fridge at work with my melange of vegetables. I’m not too popular at work on those days.  🙂

I found a cool plastic bin from my salads on Stacks and Stacks that’s perfect for me! It’s called the Salad Shaker. All it takes is a bit of planning to remember to make the salad the night before. The bowl part of the container hold 4 cups of salad. The lid has an ice pack in it, so I just freeze it the night before when I make my salad and it’ll keep my salad cool for 6 hours without the fridge the next day! The lid also had a cool little compartment that holds the dressing separate from my salad so I don’t have to drag along the entire bottle. I just open the little spout and it pours onto my salad, then I shake the container to evenly distribute the dressing all over my salad!

The lid also has a compartment for the included fork and knife, and a power bar or granola bar, too! Pretty nifty, eh? All for under $10!