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New Uses for an Old Favorite

Iris Storage Box - 68 Qt - CB-60

Iris Storage Box - 68 Qt - CB-60

I have a few of these Iris Storage Bins at home. I’ve had them for a while and they have served me well over the years, storing everything from educational home-school games for my kids to my grandmother’s dishes.


Since the kids are almost grown, we have been able scale down a bit and we don’t need to store quite as much these days. These are such rugged plastic bins though – I hate to get rid of them. So this got me thinking of what else I could use them for in my home besides just storage. Here are a few ideas I came up with:

·        One of these bins (minus the lid, of course) makes an amazing litter box! Cuts way down on the amount of litter tracked across the floor by tiny feet.


·         My daughter used to LOVE Barbies. When she’d get stir crazy in the winter, I would fill one half way with water and let her play “Pool” on a towel on the kitchen floor.


·         They also make a great indoor sandbox on rainy days for bored kids. (Only if you’re willing to deal with a bit of mess. I never minded so much in the kitchen as long as I could monitor them) Just make sure to put the lid on when you’re done so the cat doesn’t get confused. J

·         These plastic bins are a great size to use for a laundry basket.


·         Makes a nice catch-all for my son’s skateboard parts and tools.


·         Perfect for storing bath toys – no drips on the floor!


·         If you have artsy-craftsy kids (or even for you!) this makes a great supply box.


·         Makes the perfect sized bath tub for my Chihuahua.

What else would you use them for?