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The Best Plastic Bins For Lights!

Holiday Light Box with Wing-top Lid and 4 Dividers

Holiday Light Box with Wing-top Lid and 4 Dividers

I love the Holliday Season! I love the smell of cranberry orange bread baking, the colorful ornaments on the tree, and especially the lights! They are simply mesmerizing!


As much as I love them once they’re up, the most difficult of all my Christmas decorations to deal with are those strands of lights. I’ve been through too many years of trying to unwind tangles balls of wire and lights to do it any longer.

That’s why I purchased one of these Iris Holiday Lights Storage Boxes. They are by far the easiest way I have found to store those messy strands of holiday lights without tangles.

Each one of these heavy-duty plastic storage boxes comes with a set of 4 corrugated cardboard “spools” to wrap those pesky lights around to keep them tangle-free. The bins are lightly frosted so you can see the contents without opening the lid. The cranberry red wing-top lid keeps moisture and dust out and groves on the lid allow them to stack easily.  These great plastic boxes and spools work really well for storing garland too!

They each measure 10 7/8″H x 13 7/8″W x 18 1/4″D, are sold singly or as a set of two, and can be purchased at