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Plastic Bin Composter

DIY Compost Bin

DIY Compost Bin

I promise, this is an easy one, folks!  That’s right – easy, inexpensive, and one DIY weekend project that goes a long way toward helping out the planet – everybody wins!

With just a few items, you can be well on your way to composting in no time at all!

The benefits of home composting to the environment are infinite. But the one that really resonated with me, causing me to take the compost-plunge, was the fact that the food that ends up in landfills actually causes many problems because the lack of oxygen means it doesn’t break down.  Each household could divert 700 lbs. of waste per year by composting.  That qualified it as a no-brainer for me.

But, like most people, I am busy with kids and a career, so I had to find a method that works for my family:  Enter the Plastic Storage Bin.  This is one of the easiest ways to compost at home.  It works well for any size home, even small apartments – and there is no commitment here – you can move it, use it or scrap it at any time.  All you need are a few items and a few minutes to get started.

What You’ll Need:

What To Do:
Just drill holes all over the box, a few inches apart for airflow.  That’s it!  Wasn’t that easy?  Now layer your compost materials in the bin.  It helps to keep a counter-top compost bin by the sink so you don’t have to run outside every time you want to peel an apple.  Once a week or so, give the big bin a shake and pretty soon you will enjoy rich (and free!) compost for all of your gardening needs!

Do you have any good composting tips? Leave a comment!