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A Plastic Bin for Outdoor Fun!

80761I don’t know about you, but when the weather starts to warm up, I just cannot stay indoors. I love the Spring season change! It’s time to pull out the warm weather clothes and get outside. Time to hike and swim. Time to garden and landscape. Time to pull out the croquet game and badminton set, and all the pool toys.

But where to keep them all handy for those bright spring days while still keeping them protected form the occasional spring shower?

In this versatile Plastic Deck Storage Box, that’s where!

This Deck Box features an extremely durable and long-lasting resin construction and stay-dry design to protect anything you store. It has a whopping 50 gallon capacity, ideal for all your outdoor storage needs. With its easy, tool-free assembly, you can put this storage bin together in 5 minutes.

22″h x 41″w x 21″d outer dimensions are convenient for most outdoor spaces. Roomy interior dimensions are 37″W x 17″D x 18.5″H.

Its neutral color and clean lines make it suite most any space. And when it’s closed it makes a handy bench for seating. Great for holding gardening or pool supplies as well!

You can find this storage box at for just $109.00!