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Carrying Plastic Bins and Collapsible Crates in Cleveland

I had this dear old friend that had saved up all his hard earned money and made a move to the big city, Cleveland.  The only problem was, he didn’t save up much money at all and had to rent the smallest apartment in the entire Midwest.  “I don’t mind the size, it is cozy,” he would tell us all.  Well truth be told it was not cozy at all and it had only one miniscule closet for storage.

Collapsible Crate

Collapsible Crate

This type of tiny domicile is the kind of place that could really use some convenient collapsible storage or plastic bins.  Well luckily for my dear old friend I hooked him up during his box-in-the-wall-warming party with an innovative collapsible crate!   As he carefully unwrapped his gift from me, he noted how thin the present was – In fact he thought it was a book.  Nay my friends, it was simply the amazing collapsing action of this storage accessory, folding down to just 2.25”!

As he examined his new home storage item, he talked about how useful this crate will be for his weekly five mile walking trips to the grocery store, or for storing Mackinaw peaches when they come in season.  I told him the wonderful news that they are available in different colors from Blue, Black and Red! (I got him red; it matched his curtains.)

About six months later I went back to visit my old friend.  He had turned into a collapsible crate kingpin! There were blue crates, black crates and red crates all neatly folded up in his closet.  I asked him, what was with all the storage boxes?  And he replied, “Mackinaw season went on for three months straight!  I just kept buying them and buying them, and that folding crate was the perfect peach storage solution.”
There was just one storage crate that was still folded out. It was filled to the brim with peach pits.