Surprising Uses For The 18 Compartment Hardware Box

Some of the best times I have had with my father we sailing with him on his boat in the San Francisco Bay. My dad discovered his love for sailing when I was about twelve years old, and it started a lifelong love of it for me as well. He started with a sixteen-foot Hobie Cat, a two hulled yellow craft with orange and brown sails (why those colors were so popular in the 1970’s is beyond me).

The 24 Compartment Hardware Box Is The Perfect Crafting Tool!

My friend Beatrice is a crafting maniac! Shoe does it all. Beading jewelry, scrap booking, knitting, screen printing, ceramics and even doll house building. Where this gal finds the time for all those projects, I am not quite sure. I am, however, aware of her needs for craft supply storage. With a collection of craft supplies like hers, you can’t resort to any old shoe box or chest of drawers.

Clean Up Your Outdoor Space with an Outdoor Storage Bin

Once summer has officially ended, my patio and garden areas are left in complete and utter disarray. Between the kids’ pool parties, various gardening projects and our dogs out in the yard, the whole place just looks like a bomb went off!