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Surprising Uses For The 18 Compartment Hardware Box

Some of the best times I have had with my father we sailing with him on his boat in the San Francisco Bay.  My dad discovered his love for sailing when I was about twelve years old, and it started a lifelong love of it for me as well.  He started with a sixteen-foot Hobie Cat, a two hulled yellow craft with orange and brown sails (why those colors were so popular in the 1970’s is beyond me).  We started sailing on reservoirs, then took to the bay when he upgraded to an eighteen footer.  Eventually, he completed his collection of sail boats with a thirty foot single hulled craft, also a Hobie. And boy, was she yar!

Because my father is old and unable to sail anymore, I often day dream about those days.  Whenever I need to go to a “happy place” in my mind, I think about the smell and feeling of the salty air over the waters of the bay.  The sound of the boat slicing through the choppy surface.  The feeling of sheets in my hand as I’d help my father tacking the boat.  One of my favorite things when sailing around the bay was when we’d pass underneath the Bay Bridge.  The traffic above was a loud, audible humming until the few seconds when you pass underneath; it would go totally silent.  A phenomenon I never understood, but always appreciated for its mystery.

18 compartment hardware box

18 compartment hardware box

The point of my romantic reminiscence here actually has little to do with the lure of the sea, and more to do with a piece of plastic.  By that I mean my father’s tackle box.  This 18-compartment hardware box is commonly seen around the household for organizing small bits and pieces such as beads, earrings or nuts and bolts.  My father used several of these to neatly store his boat tackle.  So, as I come across them now in my life (I own a few for the aforementioned items and just about everyone I know does as well) they always take me back to those windy, sunny days getting the boat ready for her day’s voyage.

The 24 Compartment Hardware Box Is The Perfect Crafting Tool!

24 compartment hardware box

24 compartment hardware box

My friend Beatrice is a crafting maniac!  Shoe does it all.  Beading jewelry, scrap booking, knitting, screen printing, ceramics and even doll house building.  Where this gal finds the time for all those projects, I am not quite sure.  I am, however, aware of her needs for craft supply storage.  With a collection of craft supplies like hers, you can’t resort to any old shoe box or chest of drawers.

Her challenge was in finding a place to keep all those little bits and pieces.  For example, her beads come in little plastic baggies with the zipper closure.  Good place to start, but throwing all of them into a box meant time wasted trying to sort through them.  She started keeping them in a divided compartment box. The 24 compartment hardware box is clear so she can easily see inside.  It looks really pretty, with every color of the rainbow lined up in order.  But this nifty little storage box does more than organizer her beads.  She also uses them for just about every other hobby.

I thought these divided cases were only helpful for storing nuts and bolts in the garage, but it turns out there’s endless uses for them!  My dad has a sailboat and uses them for storing his boat tackle.  My sister uses one to sort her earrings.  I even know someone who says she uses them to separate cookie confetti’s and sprinkles (she’s a baker).

Just how many ways can you utilize this little organizer box?  I’m going to put it to the test in my home and I have a feeling it will do wonders!

Clean Up Your Outdoor Space with an Outdoor Storage Bin

outdoor storage box

outdoor storage box

Once summer has officially ended, my patio and garden areas are left in complete and utter disarray.  Between the kids’ pool parties, various gardening projects and our dogs out in the yard, the whole place just looks like a bomb went off!  Before I can even begin to think about preparing for the chilly season and upcoming holidays, I have to deal with the aftermath of a successful summer season.  This means not only picking up the pool toys, gardening tools and patio cushions, but also finding a place to store them, such as a plastic bin, without cluttering up another part of the house or yard.  I am a little picky about outdoor storage solutions, because I take pride in the loveliness of my garden and do not want anything unsightly out there.

I found a really great outdoor storage box at Stacks and Stacks to solve this problem.  I actually ended up getting a few of them!  The 127 gallon deck box has so many cool features and benefits.  First of all, it is a nice taupe color.  Kind of a stone grey, so it blends in really well with the undertones of my landscape.  Second of all, rather than having a boring exterior, it has the look of wood siding, even though it is plastic (or resin perhaps).  The accessory tray included on this inside gives me extra organizational options, which is really cool.  And all my supplies that are stored inside are guarded from the elements, because of its sloped lid!

Even though it doesn’t have to do with the function of the patio box, I’m a really big fan of the fact that it is made in the USA.   I’m a firm believer that we should buy locally and support companies here in our country.  It also makes me feel like I’m getting the best quality for the money.  Happy outdoor organizing, everyone!