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A Storage Dream – PVC Storage Box and Plastic Bin Organizer

Any space that doesn’t get used on a regular basis, like a closet, garage or basement, can quickly turn into an avalanche prone mountain of stuff. Do yourself and your family a favor by making the most of any space while also making stray toys, holiday decorations or sporting equipment easy to find. Storage that makes the best use of space and is accessible doesn’t have to be hard to find.

pvc storage box organizer

pvc storage box organizer

While oversized plastic bins are a great storage option, having them stacked in your garage or basement can make them difficult to access. A plastic storage box rack like the pvc storage box organizer houses boxes without the inconvenience of not being able to to access boxes below. This rack only takes up slightly more room than the boxes do by themselves and allows you to pick out any of the individual boxes without having to move those above it.

Look for a rack with a narrow design to clear space in the garage so it’s easy to park your car and walk through. Perfect for storing sporting equipment, oversized bins are also a great way to store things like gardening supplies. Having these bins in an easy to access place makes getting ready for practice a breeze. You could even grab a bin and throw it in the back of the car.

In a game room or play area look for shelving options that feature cubbies, so you can use them as open shelving or with baskets to hide odds and ends. This is a quick way to get toys or games off the floor. Choose a basket that best suits your needs and décor, like a mesh wire style for maximum durability or a woven basket to create a warm and casual look.

12-Tote Plastic Storage Bin Organizer – Perfect For Holiday Storage

It only comes around once this time of year; it is the time of year that everyone looks forward to with… dread in their hearts. You heard me right, dread in their hearts. I am not talking about the most magical, wonderful time of the year; no, I am talking about the time right after the holiday season. I am talking about the week after Christmas.

It is the time of year that we pull our cardboard boxes back out of the attic and find all the bubble plastic wrap, and commence to searching the house for all the decorations we put up just about a month ago. Am I the only one that seriously feels like my decorations multiply each year? Everything fit right into the storage boxes before Christmas, why won’t they go back in!?!? Too much holiday desserts, I suppose.

12-tote storage box organizer

12-tote storage box organizer

This year, I would suggest trying something a little different for your holiday storage. Yes, cardboard boxes are economical and easy to get your hands on, but they tend to fall apart over the years and do not provide a sturdy place to store your most valuable decorations. I am sure everyone has a horror story of digging out their Christmas box only to find their favorite ornament or decoration has been crushed into smithereens.

I would suggest trying something out like the 12 tote storage box organizer. This storage organizer can hold up to twelve bins. Plastic totes are much sturdier than cardboard boxes and also provide excellent dust and moisture resistance. The rack is made from sturdy PVC piping, and it can be mounted to a wall for excellent stability. Each end has a clear pocket for placing identification cards into.
You can get this tote organizer at, and they also sell the totes separately.

Create Storage Outdoors With A Plastic Bin

I take great pride in my back yard! It’s a lot of work, but I find that maintaining it and making it pretty is both fun and therapeutic.  And of course, I get numerous compliments on my ability to keep my property looking great.  But I have found that it is not just a matter of planting beautiful flowers and adding garden accents.  Having a back yard to be proud of also means keeping things properly stored.  For me, that meant finding a clever way to store chair cushions (during bad weather season), pool toys and accessories, and other things that randomly end up in the yard.

patio deck outdoor storage box

patio deck outdoor storage box

The 99 gallon patio deck outdoor storage box that I found online has been a dream come true!  When considering what kind of storage container to get for my aforementioned items, I knew that it would definitely have to be water proof.  Which ruled out a wooden storage box, but I love the look of wood, so at first I was disappointed that I would have to sacrifice that.  However, this plastic bin deck box has the look of real wood with a nice taupe finish that looks like painted wood. So I really got the best of both worlds with that.

Also, there is always a need for extra seating in my back yard. During the warm months I love to entertain and although I have patio furniture, there still seems to never be enough seating!  So the plastic storage box I use to store yard items can be used as a bench for a couple when needed.  As an extra bonus, I have the option of locking the storage box’s lid, just in case.