A Great Little Plastic Bin Set For Photos

Last weekend I got my wedding album, and knew that I needed to find a place to store the many duplicate photos that my wife and I had ordered. My mother insisted that we use the old traditional photo album to store the duplicates just like she had back in the day; of course she had completely forgotten about the harmful acidic chemicals that can be found in old-school photo albums

A Tiny Plastic Bin for a Big Job!

The large photo set keeper with 16 photo cases may look small, but it packs a punch in terms of storage, holding 1600 of 4 x 6 print photos for safe storage. This is a wonderful, modern update to traditional cardboard photo boxes.

Product of the Week: An Alternative to Plastic with all the Benefits

This week’s featured item is similar to a plastic bin, but updated in terms of materials and style! The Kube Kids Storage by P’kolino is a modular storage collection with fun style! These boxes are made of wood with fun colors that work wonders in terms of grabbing kids’ attention when it’s time to clean up!

Stacking Drawers and Plastic Bins Make Every Storage Job Easier!

One of my favorite organizing tools, and surely many professional organizers would agree with me, are stacking plastic drawers! These handy drawers can be used literally in every room of the home, and even can help with outdoor and garage storage as well!

Iris Gift Wrap Storage Boxes – The Bin You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wrapping paper and the emotional experience around it is something most of us take for granted. Think about it. First, you go through the process of finding that perfect gift for someone. A birthday, a religious holiday, a graduation – whatever the occasion, it’s always personal and meaningful. While some see the wrapping of the gift as just a means of concealing an object to enhance the surprise (and that’s fine), I have always appreciated the experience to the final bow or curled ribbon.