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Large Clip Box by Sterilite – The Right Tool For The Job

Keeping office supplies organized at home or at work can be challenge. With odds and ends of every size it’s easy to end up with a junk drawer or even an entire cabinet of junk! Finding the right organizational tools makes it easy to get everything in order and to keep it that way. Just take into consideration all your storage needs, like which items you need easy access to or always have trouble finding.

Large Clip Box by Sterilite

Large Clip Box by Sterilite

When you have an entire drawer of things rolling around add a drawer organizer so everything has it’s place. With drawers of all shapes and sizes an expandable version can help provide plenty of compartments. Look for an organizer with a long section for pens and smaller ones for items like paperclips. Drawer organizers are also great throughout the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

For space saving storage perfect for office or crafting supplies try a wall mounted organizer. A wall mounted design doesn’t take up any floor space, making this a great choice for a small office or for creating a workspace anywhere from the kitchen to the guest room. Keeping everything in sight, it’s easy to see where everything is in this organizer.

Have an entire cabinet of disorderly shelves? Try a see through plastic bin with a secure lid. The clear design of the Large Clip Boxes make it easy to see what’s inside. Store everything from extra pens to envelopes in these bins so shelves stay neat. Coming in a set of two or six, these bins are an easy way to organize the supply closet at work with their stacking design. Take it a step further and label bins so items stay where they should be.

Spaces big or small are easy to get in order with the right supplies!

Store And Display With A Medium Clip Box by Sterilite

Find yourself wearing the same rotation of items day after day? Making the most of your wardrobe can be a challenge! Don’t let all that shopping go to waste, arrange your clothes and accessories so you get the most out of what you already have. The best way to do this is to ensure that everything in your closet can be seen at once. Unfortunately most closets aren’t designed to perfectly present your entire wardrobe, that’s why keeping everything from seasonal clothes to accessories organized is the best way to keep everything needed within reach.

Medium Clip Box by Sterilite

Medium Clip Box by Sterilite

Store in season clothes in the front of the closet, with out of season clothes in the back of the closet or in storage. This way you don’t have to waste time sorting through clothes you won’t wear to find the ones you want. A large under bed bin is the perfect place for easily accessible storage of winter coats and heavy sweaters. Keeping them well sealed means that wool sweaters are protected from moths and will be ready to wear when winter rolls around. When it’s no longer swimsuit season smaller bins like the Set of 2 Medium Clip Boxes are a convenient way to keep bathing suits, sunglasses or sundresses organized. The clear design makes it easy to find the right one and the secure clip on lid is perfect for winter storage.

The same Medium Clip Boxes also come in a set of four, so these compact, transparent containers can be used to store as well as display accessories like scarves, clutches or belts. With a stacking design these boxes can neatly fit on a closet shelf or even in a dresser drawer. Simply add more boxes as your closet grows! In no time you’ll feel like you have a new wardrobe without having to go shopping!