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Organizing Tips for Teachers: Craft Storage in Plastic Bins

Today’s post is dedicated to those fine purveyors of knowledge – the elementary school teacher. You hard-working individuals are truly the building blocks of society. Without teachers, our country would just not be the same. As the child of a long time elementary school teacher, there is a lot more work that goes into the job than many people realize.

One of the most arduous tasks that come with being a teacher is the clean-up that occurs after the school year is finished. For the students, it’s “school is out for summer!” but for teachers, the end of the school year is synonymous with weeks of organizing, trashing and cleaning.

For you teachers, this year make the clean-up job a little bit easier by purchasing a variety of plastic storage boxes and bins for keeping smaller items neat and organized. Plus, next year you will know exactly where you left all the glitter and stencils – instead of digging through the back closet for 20 minutes while a class full of 10 year olds looks on in confusion.

Sterilite 3-Drawer Organizer - ClearView Wide

Sterilite 3-Drawer Organizer – ClearView Wide

I would recommend purchasing a few Sterilite 3-Drawer Organizer – ClearView Wide 2093 storage boxes. These boxes are perfect for keeping paper and stationery in order. They also make an excellent place to keep writing utensils, crayons, scissors and other craft items. The best thing about these organizers (other than their sturdy construction) is that they are clear, making it easy to see into the drawers.

4-Drawer Acrylic Organizer

4-Drawer Acrylic Organizer

I think it is important to get a variety of organizers for cleaning up the classroom. Different items require different types of storage organizers. Therefore, I would recommend picking up another organizer such as the 4-Drawer Acrylic Organizer for storing smaller items such glitter, beads, stencils and other bulk items that are hard to store in larger drawers. This organizer is also clear, making it easy to see into the drawers.

Good luck to all of you teachers in getting the classroom in order this summer… Just be prepared to pull it all back out in two months!

Garage Organizers for Bins – Winner!

Compact 12 Tote Storage Box Organizer

Compact 12 Tote Storage Box Organizer

If there were an Olympics of garage organizing tools, the Compact 12 Tote Home Organizer – Storage Box Organizer would certainly be a medalist, right along side its companion, the plastic bin.  Everyone has plastic storage boxes these days, they are an absolute must when organizing the closet or garage.  But one of the problems with this type of storage, perhaps the only problem, is the usage factor when stacking them.  It is a blessing that plastic bins are stackable, but at the same time, when you have a tall stack of them, it can be a pain to dig through, stack, unstack and restack the boxes, just to get to one tiny little item.

A storage box organizer eliminates that problem with ease, as it keeps each box separated on its own shelf.  You still get the same space efficient storage design, but without the hassle of stacking and unstacking layers of bins.

Here are some of the other things I love about this garage storage wonder:

  • Sturdy Design – Let’s face it, the plastic boxes may be lightweight, but when you load them up with clothing, tools or toys, they get heavy quickly.  Luckily, these bin organizer racks can be mounted to the wall for additional stability.  Great if you live in earthquake country, or anywhere else for that matter.
  • Neat and Tidy – The simple design gives your garage a cleaner, clutter free appearance.  The white design is easy to clean and keep dust free.  Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or paper towel!
  • Moving – If you ever move, you can easily take these plastic box storage racks with you for enhanced garage storage and organization in your next home.  They can even be used outside as they are rust resistant, a truly smart design for an organized home.

What is your favorite garage organizing tool?

Iris – My Favorite Organizers

Clear Plastic Storage Box by Iris

Clear Plastic Storage Box by Iris

Oh Iris, you have given us so many organizing solutions over the years!  I look to this company for all of my container needs.  Organizing the home with plastic bins has become a widely popular method because it is simple and easy for anyone to do.   And you can store just about anything in a plastic storage bin.  I use the Clear Plastic Storage Box, 21.0qt – Set of 4in the garage for everything from seasonal clothes to Christmas decorations.  It comes in just about every size you can imagine, and the plastic boxes stack nicely on top of each other.

Storage Box - 74 Qt by Iris

Storage Box – 74 Qt by Iris

For the more heavy duty storage tasks, I rely on the Clear Plastic Storage Box – Iris 74 Qt (4) and the Clear Plastic Storage Box – Iris 74 Qt (2)which is the same container but it comes in different set sizes.  They have a very large capacity, but come with little wheels.  The wheels are important because once those large plastic containers are filled, they tend to be too heavy and cumbersome to carry.  They too can be stacked and the lids have heavy duty snaps to keep them secure and tightly sealed.

IRIS Clear Stackable Recycling Bins

IRIS Clear Stackable Recycling Bins

In addition to durable plastic bins for storing items, Iris makes these great covered recycle bins that are made from plastic and stackable.  They also come in sets so you can stack them up and separate your paper, aluminum and plastic recyclables.   But there’s more you can do with these stackable bins.  Fill them with pet food and use a scoop for quick access and dispensing.  Use them for storing and organizing your child’s toys and stuffed animals or for fabric in the craft room.  What makes this such a great product is its versatility!