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Storing Out Of Season Clothing

Now that summer time is here, it’s time to put away items that are only winter appropriate and make room for things that are in season.  This is a great way to keep your home organized.  If you feel like your closets and dressers are overcrowded and cluttered, swap out seasonal clothing a few times a year and you will cut down on clutter.  With the sweaters and jackets packed away in the summer and the sun dresses and shorts stored during the winter, your closets and dresser drawers will look less complicated.  I’ll explain how to do it effectively!

Clear Plastic Storage Box by Iris

Clear Plastic Storage Box by Iris

One of my favorite products for storing anything, especially seasonal clothing is the Clear Plastic Storage Box – 58.10 Qt. – Set of 3.  They are stackable for keeping a tidy look in the garage, and because they are clear you can easily see inside.  This comes in handy for those rare occasions when you want to pull something back out to wear, like in the event of an unexpected chilly summer evening.  It also helps you when it comes time to switch the stored seasonal clothes; you can see which ones go in the closet and which ones go in the dresser.
What is extra convenient is that these plastic storage bins come in a wide variety of sizes. I would definitely recommend getting a few different sizes, especially because each size of storage tote comes in a set of three, four or five.  Here are my steps for de-cluttering your clothing collection at the change of seasons:  start with items that you know you definitely won’t need (down jackets, heavy wool sweaters, etc.) and pack them first so that they’re at the bottom of the stacked boxes.  Anything that is a “maybe” should be close to the top in case you change your mind and want to easily access it.  Stack the boxes in the garage, and the air tight lids will protect your seasonal clothing from moisture and dust.
This is an easy (less than an hour) organizing project that will make your closets look tidy and clean, while making it easier for you to pick out outfits!

You’re Not The Only One Who Needs UV Protection

I have many friends that have relocated to the southwest in the last few years. For some of my friends, the cost of living is unbeatable, others have moved for the health benefits of living in a dry desert climate, and other for job opportunities. They tell me that fall-spring the weather is unmatched, bringing pleasantly warm days and cool evenings. This all must sound idyllic, but there is one downside to summer living in the Sun Belt: Summer weather.

Apparently it is not just the heat that makes the summers so insufferable, but also the shear strength of the sun constantly bearing down on you. It makes applying sunscreen become a daily ritual, something to be done right after brushing your teeth but before you put your shoes on.

Now imagine how fried your skin would get in that brutal summer swelter and apply that to your outdoor cushions. While you can put on all the zinc oxide and SPF 50 you want, there is no cure-all when it comes to protecting your cushions from UV rays. Most every home in that part of the country has a deck and a yard, so this is an issue for just about every resident.

Deck Box - Extra Large - Patio Chair Cushion Storage - Outdoor Storage Bench

Deck Box – Extra Large – Patio Chair Cushion Storage – Outdoor Storage Bench

The best way to keep your cushions and other sensitive outdoor décor safe from not only the damaging effects of UV rays and heat, but also keeps moisture out when the occasional desert storm rolls on through. It is important when selecting a patio storage box that you find one that has excellent UV resistance, because otherwise you will be replacing that at the end of the summer instead of your seat cushions.

The Deck Box – Extra Large – Patio Chair Cushion Storage – Outdoor Storage Bench is an excellent example, as it stands up well to both UV rays and moisture. The lid seals the contents in tight, plus it doubles as an outdoor bench when closed.

With a deck box keeping your patio cushions free from sitting out in the sun for hours, it will extend their lifetime by years. Nothing is worse than crumbling vinyl seat cushions, slowly wearing down over time and making huge messes. By storing the cushions when they are not in use, you will save money and the frustration of deteriorating pads.

Sporting Goods Storage Solution

I am proud to say that I have raised some very active kids. They love playing all sorts of sports, from soccer and basketball to golf and tennis. When summer comes around, that means it is time for sports camps! Between my three kids, we usually have them signed up for five or six camps that span the entire length of the summer months.

It is very rewarding to see your children excel and enjoy sports and other activities. The only issue with them being so involved in sports is the need for all the accessories that go along with them. We have four or five baseball gloves, a couple basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, etc. I do not have any convenient storage spaces that are large enough to house all of this equipment in one space, so often we lose it or it is left outside and gets ruined.

Deck Storage Box with Seat Top - 129 gallon

Deck Storage Box with Seat Top – 129 gallon

This summer I decided that I would stop re-buying this sporting equipment and just invest in a storage bin that is large enough to house all the stuff in one place. Instead of wasting my money year after year replacing gloves and balls, I just plopped my money down in one sitting. There are a variety of storage boxes, but I knew that I wanted something made out of plastic or other weather-resistant material.

The Deck Storage Box with Seat Top – 129 gallon was the perfect place to keep the sporting equipment, plus it has an attractive design and a convenient seat that allows it to double as a bench. 129 gallons is a substantial amount of storage, but with my three kids it was not enough, so I got two. Luckily they look great on my patio, and now I do not have to replace my outdoor benches when they eventually wear out.