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Tiny Plastic Bins

Mesh Utility BinsToday we’re talking about plastic bins, but not your ordinary ones.  These are tiny, perfect for organizing a variety of items throughout the home, from the garage to the bathroom, office and more!  When looking for small plastic bins, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Stackable – You want these handy little helpers to be stackable, that way you can add and subtract bins to suit your current storage needs.
  • Open or Closed Front – Do you want an easy access open front, or would the items being stored be better cared for by having a lid on the front?
  • Mesh or Solid?  For small items, make sure they are not going to fall through any mesh side or bottom openings.  If you like the look of mesh, look carefully for a very small weave, as seen on these Mesh Utility Bins.
  • Colorful or Less Obvious?  If you are looking to add color and dress up your desk or bathroom counter, then by all means go bold with your favorite colors!  If you want your storage to blend in more subtly, though, then go for white, black, or even clear (provided that you don’t care if stored items are visible to the world).

And here are some more uses for small plastic bins that you may not have thought of before:

  • Office Supplies – everything from paper clips to thumb tacks!
  • Hair accessories – great for little girls to keep hair items all in one place.
  • Kids Organizers – any small craft item, like glue sticks can easily find a home in these bins, and it’s simple for kids to keep them organized.
  • Garage Hardware – Anything from screws to nails, brads and staples!

Open Bins for Easy Access

Large Stacking BinWhatever organizing task you are currently tackling, it’s important to think about how often you will need access to items stored in your plastic bins.  For example, if you are storing old clothes that your children have grown out of, you want a totally sealed bin to both protect stored items and to keep them out of sight since you likely won’t need access to them in the near future.  However, if you are organizing the garage and need a place to sort screws, nails and other hardware, an open front bin offers better access to those items, as do plastic drawers.

Here are some common garage storage dilemmas with storage solutions to help you choose the right plastic bin:

  • Out of Season Clothes:  Airtight, large snapping containers are best as they keep moisture and insects out.  Clear is fine, but be careful to keep stored clothing out of the sunlight as this can fade colors over time.
  • Sporting Goods:  Open bins and baskets are great for all of your sports equipment, giving you (and the kids) easy access to reach and grab for bats, balls, nets and more.  The one exception here are uniforms, pads, and other items with fabric – keep those stored indoors in a dresser drawer or in an airtight container in the garage or shed.
  • Tools:  Big hand tools need large open bins while small tools and hardware can go in small open bins.  The key here is easy access, and that’s why it’s so important to include some open front bin storage in your garage organizing plan.
  • Hardware:  Tiny screws, nails, staples, you name it!  These all need a place to be stored, and I recommend either small stacking bins or small plastic drawer systems which can be mounted to the wall over your workbench.

How do you keep the garage organized throughout the year?