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Plastic Bins for Crafts Storage

Plastic ContainersLet’s talk about plastic bins and how they can be used for craft storage and keeping all of those tools under control!  We all know how overwhelming those crafting supplies can get.  You start off with just a few scraps of paper and before you know it, you are swimming in stamps, stickers, photos and more!  Here are some tips for every type of crafter, from the beginner to the pro to keep all of that clutter under control!

The At-Home Crafter:  If you prefer to spend your evenings at home with scissors and glue in hand, then  you are a true at home crafter.  Out of all the types, you probably have the most variety in crafting tools and supplies, so it’s important to think big in terms of storage.  Plastic storage drawers are handy for keeping all sorts of supplies.  Just be sure to measure the drawers to make sure they will fit your scrapbooking paper and label each drawer to keep things organized in the longterm.

The Crafter On-the-Go:  Perhaps you have a job that requires you to bring craft supplies with you.  I’m talking to you, teachers!  Look for something with a handle and locking lid like this large plastic container which has a colorful lid but see-through sides so you can see what’s in there and grab the right box before you head out the door.

The Seamstress (or Tailor): Swimming in fabric?  Stacking plastic bins, especially the type that are open in the front are going to be your best friend!  To hold thread and sewing machine supplies, look for small divided plastic boxes.

Kid Crafters:  Anyone with kids knows that those art supplies add up fast in the home!  Open baskets are great as kids can easily reach for what they need and put things away without having to fiddle with lids.

Happy Crafting!