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Using Plastic Bins for Tools and Hardware

Craft and Tool Organizer Chest - 16 DrawerPlastic bins are simply a must-have if you are interested in a clean and orderly garage area.  One of the best uses for these handy home organizers are for storing tools and hardware.  Here are some tips on how to choose and how to use plastic bins for tools in the garage:

Large Tool Storage:  For medium sized handheld power tools, for example a belt sander or circular saw, a set of plastic storage boxes can keep their cords under control, moisture away from blades and motors, and also be stacked for a neat and tidy look in the garage.  Look for large containers that are stackable and clear so that you can see what’s in there without digging through a pile.

Hand Tool Storage:  For all of those wrenches, ratchets and screwdrivers, a more affordable option than a traditional steel tool rack are plastic drawer systems.  As long as you don’t pack the drawers full, these handy drawers can hold a layer of hand tools and the clear drawer fronts allow you to see where everything is.

Hardware Storage:  And for all of your nuts and bolts, plus tiny screwdrivers and allen wrenches, a small plastic drawer system is the way to go, like this Craft and Tool Organizer Chest which keeps all of your most used hardware neat and tidy, and easy to access.  If your workbench is already cluttered, mount this drawer chest to the wall for extra space efficiency in the garage.

Label, label, label.  It can’t be stated enough that if you are going for organization, which in turn will save you time during your next home or auto project, labeling each and every bin, drawer or other storage method is a must.  This makes it easier to find things, but more importantly, it makes it easier to put things away, so that you can find them the next time.


Underbed Plastic Storage Boxes – A Rundown

reg-1298394586-170669Not all underbed storage boxes are created equal!  You may think you have seen it all with a clear long, narrow underbed box, but actually there are many more choices out there for those in need of a little extra storage in the bedroom.  Here is a run down of some of the best in underbed storage concepts, with something for everyone!

  • Narrow, Plastic, Locking Lid – This is the kind we are all used to seeing and are great for many storage jobs.  The hard shell plastic is nice because it offers an extra layer of protection for stored items.  This is a must when storing delicate items, such as Christmas ornaments, under the bed.  It is also handy if they are stackable, as you can use them stacked under a taller bed (or purchase a set of bed risers to elevate the frame).  This means much more storage all around!
  • Canvas Underbed Bags – These lack the rigidity of the boxes mentioned above, and sometimes that’s a good thing,allowing you to stuff more inside or accommodate odd shapes!  While canvas alone won’t block moisture from getting in, it can be particularly useful in letting moisture get out.  A nice alternative when storing clothing that could potentially collect mildew.
  • Vinyl Underbed Bags – These handy helpers are both water proof and flexible, and have the bonus of allowing you to see what is inside the bag before opening it up.  Great for kids storage under the bed!
  • Wicker Baskets – At 7″ high, this Wicker Night Stand basket offers a pretty alternative to traditional underbed storage options.  It is perfect for hiding away shoes, purses and accessories, or all of that artwork your kids bring home at the end of the school year!

When shopping for a under bed storage container, be sure to think out of the box!  And don’t forget to measure before you head out to the stores!