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Pretty Plastic Bins for Students

Raspberry BasketIf you (or your not-so-little-anymore student) are headed off to college, plastic bins and baskets will be your new best friend!  There are dozens of uses and benefits to using plastic baskets in the dorms and many apartments and shared living situations to come!  And it doesn’t have to be boring.  Prettier options, like the Raspberry Blumz Medium Basket with Handle are widely available, ready to make life easier on your student as he or she gets ready to hit the books big time!

Here are some tips for utilizing plastic bins throughout the college years:

  • Large stacking bins are great, but they are impractical that first year of college.  Save them for storage when you get your first apartment.  In the meantime, underbed storage boxes are a better choice.  They are long lasting and take up little space in the room.
  • In the bathroom, a plastic basket with handle is a sanitary choice.  Be sure to choose one with lots of holes in it to allow water to pass thru – this way it can even be left in the shower with little chance of mildew growth.
  • Kitchen bins are easy to wash and maintain when made of plastic as well.  Look for stacking models and add labels to keep everyone’s food separate, and the roommate bickering to a minimum.
  • In the desk area, either metal or plastic are great choices.  It is important to have a place to store hanging files (believe it or not, paper work still exists in this modern age)!  A small portable file box is a great choice as it can travel home with students during winter and summer vacations.
  • And in the trunk of the car, utilize open plastic bins to keep sports equipment and emergency supplies separated and easy to access!

The bottom line is that plastic is a great choice when you are heading off to college, as it will be with you for those four (or more) years to come!

Plastic Bins…A MUST for Outdoor Storage

Santiago Wicker Storage BenchUsing plastic bins for all of your outdoor storage seems like a no brainer, yet you’d be surprised at how many linens, cushions and metal tools that have been ruined, even in the summer, from the occasional precipitation that falls on unprotected garden items.  And I know what you are thinking, that plastic is just so, well, boring and plain.  And I hear you, believe me.  But today’s patio storage boxes are designed specifically for use out in plain view.  You no longer have to use plastic stacking garage bins to store your patio items, look for updated patio boxes available in every size, shape and faux finish imaginable.

My favorite patio storage boxes are ones that can double as bench seating.  That allows them to seamlessly fit in with your patio or deck decor without sacrificing seating area – a must for tight spaces or for those who like to throw the occasional barbeque out in the back yard.  If the plastic thing is still bothering you, style-wise, look for at least a colorful version of a plastic storage box.  This Storage Cube with Wheels is a great option as it is compact, mobile and available in both subdued wood-like finishes and bright, bold colors.

And if you are looking for something out of the plastic category, go for a resin wicker box (still plastic but with the look of wicker) in a modern espresso or other dark finish.  Wood is also a viable option for outdoor storage, just make sure it is treated for UV and water-resistance, and don’t be surprised if it fades and “patinas” anyway over the course of years.