Barbeque Party – Plastic Charcoal Bin for Summer Fun

Our featured product this week couldn’t arrive faster!  Although the kids are back in school, summer does not officially end until September 22nd.  And even then, many of us continue to enjoy warm weather well into the “fall”.  So rest assured, it is natural to still have barbecue on the brain.  The Kingsford Kaddy Charcoal […]

Plastic Wine Racks?

Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!  This week’s featured product is the Fridge Binz Stackable Three-Bottle Wine Holder, made of plastic and designed for organizing, so I think it’s a safe fit for this blog, no?  For many of us, when we think of wine, we get a tad bit snooty in our […]

Plastic Bins…Best when it comes to Filing?

Any professional organizer can tell you that one of the most frequently asked questions is:  “What’s the best way to file?”   I am pleased to say that among the most common solutions to this age old organizing dilemma are plastic bins.  Not just any plastic box, though, a specifically designed Plastic File Box.  These […]

Vacuum Storage Bags – An Alternative to Plastic Bins

Not every storage job is created equal, just like not every storage box is created equal.  Sometimes a plastic box is just too bulky for your storage area.  That’s where flexible, vacuum storage bags come into play the storage game.  While rigid plastic bins are better for storing items you need regular access to, flexible […]