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Barbeque Party – Plastic Charcoal Bin for Summer Fun

Kingsford Kaddy Charcoal DispenserOur featured product this week couldn’t arrive faster!  Although the kids are back in school, summer does not officially end until September 22nd.  And even then, many of us continue to enjoy warm weather well into the “fall”.  So rest assured, it is natural to still have barbecue on the brain.  The Kingsford Kaddy Charcoal Dispenser is a great investment (or gift) for any barbeque enthusiast, or for the occasional griller.

Made of sturdy plastic with a tight fitting lid and latch, this charcoal holder makes it a breeze to pour just the right amount of charcoal on the grill.  And even better than that, it keeps moisture and pests out for better performance from your coals.  If you don’t grill that often, you will appreciate that this handy plastic bin keeps your most important grilling supply fresh and dry.  And if you are a master griller, you will love that when you put your barbeque spatula down for the winter (if you in fact do that), you know your coals will last and be ready for action next summer.

It boasts a 100% weatherproof design for use in the nastiest of weather, and allowing you to keep it outside with all of your other barbeque equipment.  A sturdy handle on the top allows for easy pouring, a must have for any adults, and especially appreciated by grandpa!  Enjoy this change of seasons and keep thinking outside of the bin for great ideas for storage around the home, year-round!

Plastic Wine Racks?

Fridge Binz Wine RackHey, don’t knock it till you try it!  This week’s featured product is the Fridge Binz Stackable Three-Bottle Wine Holder, made of plastic and designed for organizing, so I think it’s a safe fit for this blog, no?  For many of us, when we think of wine, we get a tad bit snooty in our heads.  So a wine rack made of plastic bins seems unthinkable.  But, many people enjoy gourmet wines out of cardboard boxes these days, so why should we think a plastic wine rack is out of the question?

The Fridge Binz Stackable Three-Bottle Wine Holder is mostly designed for white wines, obviously, that need to be chilled in the fridge.  If you chill your white wine this way, just make sure to let it warm up a tad bit and “breathe” before you indulge, as a regular food refrigerator is a bit too cold for wine enjoyment.  Another great use for this handy organizer would be in a wine refrigerator that you have that has an open space at the bottom or top, in which you want to store extra bottles.

Made of clear resipreme, these wine bins are stackable as well to maximize storage in your fridge or out.  You could even line them up in a cupboard or pantry as a modular wine rack instead of using in the refrigerator.

As we see here, plastic bins come in all shapes, sizes and colors, making themselves useful in every area of the home!

Plastic Bins…Best when it comes to Filing?

Plastic File BoxAny professional organizer can tell you that one of the most frequently asked questions is:  “What’s the best way to file?”   I am pleased to say that among the most common solutions to this age old organizing dilemma are plastic bins.  Not just any plastic box, though, a specifically designed Plastic File Box.  These handy boxes are just like any other plastic box, but they come with rails built in for hanging letter size (and sometimes legal size) files.

You may have guessed that dumping a bunch of papers into any old plastic container does not count as filing.  What you really need to successfully file most types of documents are hanging files.  And, you need those hanging files to actually hang, not slouch around on the bottom of the container.  When looking for a plastic file box, check that it has latches because we tend to carry this type of item around or not – the latches will help prevent a messy file disaster on your way to the other room.

With college kids just starting up this time of year, it’s another great idea to take stock of what your student has in terms of paper file storage.  Believe it or not, even in this age of electronic information, college kids (and high schoolers) still have paper documents that they are responsible for, and it’s also an important step in learning how to get (and stay) organized.  If you are shopping for a student, you may wish to start them off with a somewhat smaller plastic file box with a handle for easy transport.  That way they can move it easily from home to home (which they, no doubt, will be doing for many years to come.).

Another smart product for the larger job of organizing an entire office are plastic drawer systems that include a file drawer at the bottom.  These offer the same benefits of a traditional file cabinet but are lightweight and less expensive.


Vacuum Storage Bags – An Alternative to Plastic Bins

Closet Compactor Vacuum Storage BagsNot every storage job is created equal, just like not every storage box is created equal.  Sometimes a plastic box is just too bulky for your storage area.  That’s where flexible, vacuum storage bags come into play the storage game.  While rigid plastic bins are better for storing items you need regular access to, flexible vacuum bags are great for storage jobs where easy access is not necessary.  Think out-of-season clothing storage, clothing your children have grown out of, seasonal linens and more.  These Closet Compactor Vacuum Storage Bags are a must have to keep in your arsenal of storage tools.  All you have to do is place your items in the bag, zip it up and vacuum out all the excess air, which in turn compacts the stored items to a much lower volume.  I like this particular set, in particular, because it comes with a fabric storage box which not only looks great, but offers further protection for stored items and reduces the occurrence of tears in the vacuum-sealed interior bag.

Happy Organizing!