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Overhead Storage for Plastic Bins

MonsterRaxIn the garage, you are missing out on maximum storage and organization if you haven’t yet taken advantage of your ceiling.  Overhead storage systems in the garage offer one of the best ways to gain extra storage while simultaneously clearing up the floor for you, a great way to make space for parking your car in the garage.  There are many different types out there, here are some of them:

1.  Hoists – Great for storing bikes on the ceiling but still allowing for easy, regular access, a ceiling hoist does the heavy lifting for you, giving you the benefit of ceiling storage without the hassle of climbing up on a ladder.

2.  Hooks – For anything else that can be hung on the ceiling, think camping gear and seasonal summer fun items, large screw in hooks can be installed right into the ceiling.

3.  Ceiling Shelves – If you have stacks of plastic bins in the garage that you want to get off the floor, a ceiling shelf, like these MonsterRax overhead storage systems, is the way to go.  You can put plastic bins up on the shelf.  This is a great idea for longer term storage items such as out of season clothing or holiday decorations.  MonsterRax is a great choice in this category as it has the highest weight capacity in the industry thanks to a durable heavy duty steel construction and center cross bracing.  A long lasting weather resistant powder coated finish ensures longevity even in moist, weather heavy garage areas.

4.  DIY – If you have ceiling rafters and don’t want to purchase a whole system, you can make your own by mounting plywood to those ceiling rafters.  Be careful not to go too heavy with stored items up there and secure with screws to avoid the shelf falling down.

Do you use the overhead space in your garage?

Plastic Bins and Crates on the Go…

Polymer Logistics - 1/2 Collapsible Box BinWhen talking shop about garage organizing, modular comes up a lot.  Modular, for our purposes, simply means customizable – in other words different sizes coming together to form a system of storage that works best for your home or business environment.  Enter this week’s featured product line, Polymer Logistics bins and accessories.  This system is brand new to the market and an absolute gem, giving homeowners and business owners alike different components to work with to ensure a smooth operation and efficient organization in everything they do.

Available in this system are 1/2 Collapsible Box Bins and 1/4 bins with wheels.  Great for everything from storing tools and sporting goods in the garage to keeping outdoor seasonal items contained!  Best of all these crates fold for storage themselves when not needed – a true space saving wonder in home organization tools.  The heavy duty construction allows them to be resistant to mildew, mold, insects and pests and also boast a temperature range of 4-120 degrees F.

Now get organizing!

Something New in Plastic Bins

25-Gallon Ultra TotePlastic bins are such a staple of storage in organized homes, and have been so for such a long time, that it is somewhat rare that we get to introduce a new player on the team!  Today I came across a new box from Sterilite, the 25-Gallon Ultra Tote!  This plastic storage box has taken a traditional design and updated it with ultra strength options to make it better and stronger than yesterday’s plastic bins.

Here are some of the new features that enhance stability and longevity:

  • Cold-temperature resistant.  This box is ideal for colder storage areas like a basement or attic, withstanding winter weather and therefore a great option for seasonal clothing storage.
  • Polyethylene – This is the best material for more active storage needs, by that they mean serious storage sturdy capabilities.  This box can survive a tumble or bump here and there when stored and stacked in the garage.
  • Impact resistant – stands up to bumps big and small!
  • Channeled walls – you may have noticed the pattern in the walls of this plastic bin and thought, Oh what a nice new design!  But actually that channeled design adds extra strength and durability to the walls of this tall plastic storage box for increased storage capabilities.
  • Heavy Duty Latches – keep contents secure and are also integrated into the design of the lid for comfort while carrying to and from the garage or other storage area.
  • Stackability – This is nothing new but an absolute must when maximizing storage in the garage, closet or shed.

Get ready for winter by getting all of the storage tools, plastic or not, ready that you will need for a neat and tidy closet, home office, garage or any other area to last you into the next season!

More on Outdoor Storage with Plastic Bins

Leisure Accents Spa Storage StepsThis week’s featured product is really a cool one – think hidden storage for any outdoor setting!  The Leisure Accents Spa Storage Steps can be used as a step up into your jacuzzi or hot tub.  But they also can be used out on the patio or in the yard for plain old storage purposes!  If you scoot them up against an exterior wall, they are obviously not going to be used as stairs, but they could be a bench.  And further out in the yard, they could be used to define a space among your plants and greenery as a place to stop and rest.

The top step of this plastic bin lifts on hinges to reveal a storage area that is absolutely perfect for keeping gardening tools, spades, fertilizers, bags of soil or even throw blankets for cool summer evenings.  Or, keep your plastic reusable outdoor dishes on hand for easy entertaining throughout spring, summer and into fall before the chill sets in.  They are available in several colors to either blend in with your natural setting or offset and complement it just a bit.  And the all weather plastic design is a true workhorse for saving your most important outdoor supplies.

Only a few more weeks of summer!  Get out there and enjoy the last warm weather of the year before it’s too late!

Plastic Bins on Wheels

12 Drawer Rolling CartWith the new school year under way, it’s obvious in my home that the digital age has not fully reached the school system.  Those first few months of school always seem to bring with them a barrage of paper work.  Some to keep, some to fill out and return, and some to recycle!  It’s that first group that we are concerned of here.   Enter this week’s featured product, the 12 Drawer Rolling Cart

This organizing powerhouse brings together two of the best names in the business:  Plastic Bins and Plastic Drawers.  Set them on casters and you are ready to organize almost any area of the home.

Here are some of my favorite jobs for this rolling plastic drawer system:

  1. Homework and School Sorter:  Label each drawer with kids names or themes.  For example:  “Homework”, “Mom’s Papers”, “Fundraising”, and use the rest of the drawers for paper, pencils and other supply refills that your kids will need throughout the school year.
  2. Arts and Crafts Organizer:  This cart is great for all of those miscellaneous paints, markers, glue sticks and other items.  Remember that labeling is key here if you want everyone to comply with the organizing system.
  3. Clothing – Little ones could even use this plastic drawer set as a dresser – it is lightweight, easy to use and they can see through the fronts of the drawers to see what is inside, whether it is socks, shirts or hats they are looking for.
  4. Toy Storage – a great toy storage rack this is, with closed sides and bottoms on the bins to prevent legos from escaping.
  5. Grownups can use it too!  If you like to sew or do other crafts, this is a wonderful crafts organizer for all of your crafting supplies or art supplies.

Enjoy the new school year by preparing with a few organizational tools at home first!

School Clutter finds Home in Plastic Bin

Clip BoxNow wait…not just any plastic bin.  Believe me, I have three young children and so I know how tempting it is to just toss those old worksheets and some of the “early art pieces” into a plastic bin.  Why?  Because at the beginning (and end) of the school year, we parents get absolutely swamped with papers coming home from the school.  And it’s not like you are going to throw any of it out, right?  Let’s be realistic, if you have children in the early grades, every little worksheet or writing practice they bring home is like a Picasso to you, and rightfully so.   But at what point do you let go of that urge to save every piece of paper that comes home from school?

Well, for me, that moment came about midway through my daughter’s first grade year.  It’s not that I didn’t care about the work anymore, it’s simply that enough was enough, and I had to come to terms with the fact that you cannot save everything that your child brings home!  Period.  While I can’t get you to that make-or-break point myself, I can share with you some tried and true tips for dealing with the schoolwork that you do choose to save.

1.  Use their artwork as actual artwork in their room.  Especially the big poster-size pieces they bring home.  These are really cool and should be saved, but also enjoyed!  Keep them in the nursery or bedroom where your child spends most of his or her time to keep their creative juices flowing!

2.  Plastic bins really are an organized home’s best friend.  Especially when it comes to school work and papers that you would like to save for your child (or yourself).  Plastic provides a moisture-free environment.  Look for under the bed boxes that glide on wheels that can be stored right under your child’s bed and easily accessed by him or her.

3.  Electronic storage – If you have a budding artist in your home and quantity and quality are both in full-swing, consider scanning and storing some of your children’s artwork electronically.  Or have it made into something useful that would make a nice gift for a family member, such as a shopping bag or t-shirt!