Overhead Storage for Plastic Bins

In the garage, you are missing out on maximum storage and organization if you haven’t yet taken advantage of your ceiling.  Overhead storage systems in the garage offer one of the best ways to gain extra storage while simultaneously clearing up the floor for you, a great way to make space for parking your car […]

Plastic Bins and Crates on the Go…

When talking shop about garage organizing, modular comes up a lot.  Modular, for our purposes, simply means customizable – in other words different sizes coming together to form a system of storage that works best for your home or business environment.  Enter this week’s featured product line, Polymer Logistics bins and accessories.  This system is […]

Something New in Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are such a staple of storage in organized homes, and have been so for such a long time, that it is somewhat rare that we get to introduce a new player on the team!  Today I came across a new box from Sterilite, the 25-Gallon Ultra Tote!  This plastic storage box has taken […]

More on Outdoor Storage with Plastic Bins

This week’s featured product is really a cool one – think hidden storage for any outdoor setting!  The Leisure Accents Spa Storage Steps can be used as a step up into your jacuzzi or hot tub.  But they also can be used out on the patio or in the yard for plain old storage purposes!  […]

Plastic Bins on Wheels

With the new school year under way, it’s obvious in my home that the digital age has not fully reached the school system.  Those first few months of school always seem to bring with them a barrage of paper work.  Some to keep, some to fill out and return, and some to recycle!  It’s that […]

School Clutter finds Home in Plastic Bin

Now wait…not just any plastic bin.  Believe me, I have three young children and so I know how tempting it is to just toss those old worksheets and some of the “early art pieces” into a plastic bin.  Why?  Because at the beginning (and end) of the school year, we parents get absolutely swamped with […]