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Plastic Bins for Photo Storage

Set of 5 Metro Document BoxesIf you’re like me, then you can take lots of pictures and even print lots of pictures, but getting them into a photo album?  Not so much.  I have dozens of cute cardboard photo boxes stacked in my closet full of memories, and frankly they are just going to have to stay there until the kids get a little bit older and I have the time to sort and display them.  I came across this Set of 5 Metro Document Boxes which are made of acid free plastic, what a great idea for photo storage!  They are safe to keep your pictures in as they are acid free, and have a sleek, modern look that would be fine even left out on the desk in the office.

Note that they are not tall enough to accommodate pictures standing up, so they must be laid down in stacks for storage in these boxes.  The set of 5 gives me plenty of room to expand and the black and silver design makes them a great choice for exposed shelves in the living room, office or bedroom – keeping the pictures close at hand but still put away and visually clutter free.  So file this post under the heading “plastic bins come in many different shapes and sizes” – definitely a far cry from the usually large rigid plastic boxes we feature here, but equally as important to a well organized and balance, calm home.

Other uses for these boxes?

  • Document Storage – their originally intended design, keep stacks of papers, files or easy accessible materials in them.
  • Kids Room – Maintain peace in the playroom or bedroom, or wherever else your kids play by keeping markers, crayons, paints and other arts and crafts supplies organized, sorted, and out of sight.  They would even work for small toy storage (think legos, cars, figurines and more)

Happy Organizing!