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Plastic Bins for Gift Wrap

Iris Holiday Underbed ContainerDuring the holidays, many of us can agree that our homes turn into a blizzard of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and scraps.  A nice thing to do is in advance of the busy Christmas season (and by that I mean pre-Thanksgiving), set up a corner of your office, playroom, bedroom, closet or anywhere else you can find a small space to get all of your gift wrap in order before the season starts.  Starting with a plastic bin is a great first step.  A plastic box is great for wrapping paper storage as it will protect the paper from moisture, which means that come January you can throw that box into the garage to stay hidden until next Christmas (assuming you don’t need it for birthday presents in between).  The Iris Underbed Storage Container one of my top picks.   It can be stored under the bed, but it doesn’t have to.  It could also be kept under a dresser, buffet, or even out in the open.  The main thing to remember is to measure your longest roll of wrap before purchasing a box to see if it will in fact fit.  I really like this particular box also because it is color coded for Christmas.  So you can easily spot it in the garage or storage shed or under the bed when the season comes around again.  To really stay on top of things, stock your wrapping paper organizer with rolls of tape, scissors and a large gallon size zip up bag to keep ribbons and bows contained and under control.  If you find that your rolls of paper are simply too long (and believe me they do exist), instead of a box with a lid such as this one, go for a tall narrow (cheap) garbage bin that can store rolls upright in the back of your closet or pantry.  It doesn’t provide protection from moisture, however, so you will need to keep it in a dry environment.