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Plastic Bins for Cat Boxes

reg-1274823109-139090Did you know that plastic bins make great litter boxes in a pinch?  Here is how I know this:  About a week ago my cat came home with an abscessed wound from fighting.  So of course he has to stay inside for a few weeks.  The problem is that he is normally a mostly-outdoor cat, running around the property and keeping the rodent population down.  Since I already have an indoor cat, and the outdoor cat needed to be kept in the laundry room for his inside stay, I had to come up with a second litter box on the spot.  So I went out to the garage, grabbed and older plastic bin from the corner that was not being used, filled it with litter and stuck it in the bathroom.  And guess what, the cats love it!  And when my outdoor cat’s indoor stay is over, I can simply recycle the old plastic bin.

What unusual uses have you found for your plastic bins over the years?

Plastic Bins for Christmas

Plastic Storage Box with Wing-top Lid If we are going to talk about a “season” for plastic bins, Christmas has to be near the top of that list.  Besides the summer, in which we see a huge influx of demand for plastic bins and boxes due to people cleaning out their sheds and garages, December (And more importantly January), demand for plastic boxes soars!  Why?  Because in January people are taking down their holiday decorations and scratching their heads, trying to figure out where to put them!  Plastic bins serve a very important role when it comes to holiday storage, as they provide rigid hard sides and edges to protect seasonal decorations, which tend to be both sentimental and breakable simultaneously.  My pick this year for best in Christmas Storage is the  Wing Top Plastic Box (shown above).  This multi tasking wonder features that important rigid plastic like we were talking about, and has many other features to get excited about:

1.  Removable Lights Storage – Included with the box are corrugated cardboard reels for winding Christmas lights around to keep them tangle free.  If you don’t need special lights storage at the moment, read on…

2.  Ornament Storage – These hard plastic boxes are absolutely essential for holding your breakable holiday decorations.  Wrap any breakables carefully in bubble wrap to avoid breakage while stored in here, and don’t store glass globes as they are simply too breakable – a specially designed ornament holder is much better for those.

3.  Stackable – Easy to stack, these wing top plastic boxes can be kept in the back of a closet, out in the shed or in the garage.

4.  It’s Red! That’s right, red = easier to find when the season comes around again next year!

5.  Easy close tops – the tops of these plastic bins are some of the easiest to open and close – no pinched fingers and struggling with a stubborn locking lid.