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Plastic File Boxes for Tax Time

reg-1250203058-17740It’s almost that time of year again when those W-2s start rolling in!  Be prepared for taxes every year by using a special box designed just to hold tax information.  One of the best uses of  plastic bin is as a file box, and never fear, there are, of course, plastic file boxes designed to hold hanging files, so you don’t have to worry about simply shoving all of your important tax related documents into one big plastic box (although you can if you want to, it is not recommended for obvious reasons).  There are many different types of plastic file systems, here is a run down to get you started, mentioning all types that are readily available on the market:

1.  Plastic Drawer Systems:  Oftentimes, the bottom drawer of a three drawer plastic drawer system will be equipped with tracks built in to hold hanging files.  If you choose these, they are a great storage option in the home office, but be sure to find one with a caster that rolls with the file drawer (so the whole unit should have five casters total).  This ensures the drawer will roll smoothly under the weight of all those documents!

2.  Large Plastic File Boxes – For the average home, you will need 3-4 of these file boxes but they are much more affordable than a traditional metal file cabinet and, best of all, they are portable.  What I love about this is that you are not tied down to the office when it’s time to tackle that filing pile – simply take the appropriate box with you into the living room and file away while enjoying some television!

3.  Portable file boxes – Like the Iris Flip Lid Letter File Box, you can take it with you down to the accountant’s office for help with your taxes or down to the office – wherever you need it most!