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Plastic Bins to Keep In Your Car

Collapsible CrateWe all sing the praises of how useful plastic bins are for storage around the home, but what about in the car?  Turns out they can help with so many things outside of the home as well!

Here is a run down of how to pick and what to use for different types of plastic bins in your car:

  • Collapsible Crate – These fold flat and can be used for everything from keeping grocery bags upright to eliminating your use of grocery bags all together!
  • Lidded Plastic Box –  A small, file size lidded plastic box is a wonderful thing in the trunk of a car.  There are a million plus uses for it.  Here, just a few that I can think of:
  • Extra Shoes – after a day in the mud (or after an unfortunate step in doggie waste), you can rest assured that your carpet and upholstery will remain stain (and stink) free thanks to extra shoes and a container in which to put the dirty ones.
  • Hiking/Nature Kit:  If you find yourself spending more and more time outdoors these days, why not stock your car with essential tools for enjoying nature such as a frisbee, binoculars and sunblock.
  • Emergency Kit – This goes without saying, every car should keep a fully stocked emergency kit for both roadside emergencies and weather emergencies.  Toss a first aid kit in there as well for last minute injuries and illness.
  • Kids Kit – Not just for the trunk, plastic bins find uses all over the car.  In the front passenger seat, moms and dads can set up a kids kit for unexpected delays in the car.  Stock it with items such as snacks, water, coloring supplies, toys, and a few good kids music CDs.  Next time you find yourself in traffic, you will be thankful to have all of this stuff on hand to avoid messy tantrums that are caused by bored, tired or hungry little ones.

Now that you have your home storage under control, get a grip on that car where we spend more and more time these days with some handy, compact plastic bins!

Plastic Bins WITHOUT their Lids…what to do with them?

reg-44212Maybe you have an old plastic storage box lying around but are missing the lid.  Or maybe  you have an old keg bucket with rope handles that you don’t need anymore for its original use.  Or perhaps you stumbled upon an old plastic garbage can in the garage that you don’t use anymore.  If you find any of these treasures lying around the house, inside or out, and want to do the responsible thing and reuse them, instead of throwing them away, you are in luck.  A beat up old plastic bin can serve many purposes around the home.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1.   Collect Rain Water – On the west coast, we are living with extreme drought conditions.  So whenever we get a chance of rain, I line up a few of these old plastic bins (ones that do not have holes in them) outside to collect precious drops of water, which I can then use a few weeks down the road for watering my veggies when the ground turns dry.

2.  Yardwork – If you live with  lots of weeds, as do I, you know that they do not pack down into a small footprint.  Weeds, as their name suggests, are wild by nature, and when you try to fit them into a small container, they simply bounce right out.  Save yourself some trouble by putting that large old garbage bin to work.  Roll it over to your weeding site and back up to the yard waste bins when you are done to avoid too many trips.

3.  Garage Sorting – These big bins, although not great for longterm storage anymore, can be used effectively as sorting stations in the garage.  For example, you might have three of them lined up at the side of the garage.  One says “Dump”, one says “Give Away”, and the other says “Sell”.  This allows you to keep the garage somewhat neat and tidy!