The Plastic Bins Blog is THE place to come for information on any kind of plastic bin, tub, bucket, boxes – you name it. Plastic bins are a great way to organize your home, garage, play area, kitchen or office. Plastic is lightweight, making it easy to carry and comes in a variety of colors to accent your decor. Also, clear plastic is ideal for situations where you need to view your stored items, whether it’s food, clothing or books.

Stackable plastic bins are a great way to use up vertical space in your home, garage or closet and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small plastic shoe bins, to refrigerator bins, to large, 15-gallon garage storage bins. Under-bed plastic storage bins are a great way to use un-utilized space beneath your bed and plastic fridge bins prevent unwanted spillage and help organize food, keeping it more accessible.

For damp situations, rented storage or garage organizing, airtight plastic bins are fabulous for keeping bugs and moisture out of your stored goods.

Seasonal clothing storage is inexpensive and easy when you invest in a few plastic bins that can then be stored in an out-of-the-way area in your basement, attic or garage. They’re also great for longer-term storage.

Regardless of your storage and organizing needs, you’re sure to find interesting ideas and plastic bin products to get you organized in your home, dorm or office. Many of the items link to stacksandstacks.com, but our newer posts will feature organizeit.com products. Be sure to bookmark organizeit.com for all your organizing, storage and decor needs.

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