How to make a compost bin with a simple plastic tote

“Compost is an organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer or soil amendment.” Thanks, Wiki. But how do you make a compost bin? A quick Pinterest search can lead to premature exhaustion and overwhelming apathy. Do not fret, you do not need to go all out to create a simple home […]

Go paperless with the help of plastic bins

The idea of a paperless kitchen can be overwhelming — and usually it inspires the same thought process. “A paperless kitchen,” the first thought typically is, “… that means more laundry!” How does this relate to plastic bins? Bear with me. Yes, if you decide to make this transition, you will be using – and washing […]

Plastic Bins to Keep In Your Car

We all sing the praises of how useful plastic bins are for storage around the home, but what about in the car?  Turns out they can help with so many things outside of the home as well! Here is a run down of how to pick and what to use for different types of plastic […]

Plastic Bin Tower for Kids…And their Parents

Our featured product this week is designed for kids, but can be used by parents, singles, or any grownup!  The 24-Tray Cubby Tower is an organizing wonder, perfect for keeping toys under control, and a lot of other things as well.  This rack is made of birch wood and GreenGuard certified for safety inside of […]

Storing Out Of Season Clothing

Now that summer time is here, it’s time to put away items that are only winter appropriate and make room for things that are in season.  This is a great way to keep your home organized.  If you feel like your closets and dressers are overcrowded and cluttered, swap out seasonal clothing a few times […]

You’re Not The Only One Who Needs UV Protection

I have many friends that have relocated to the southwest in the last few years. For some of my friends, the cost of living is unbeatable, others have moved for the health benefits of living in a dry desert climate, and other for job opportunities. They tell me that fall-spring the weather is unmatched, bringing […]

Sporting Goods Storage Solution

I am proud to say that I have raised some very active kids. They love playing all sorts of sports, from soccer and basketball to golf and tennis. When summer comes around, that means it is time for sports camps! Between my three kids, we usually have them signed up for five or six camps […]

Organizing Tips for Teachers: Craft Storage in Plastic Bins

Today’s post is dedicated to those fine purveyors of knowledge – the elementary school teacher. You hard-working individuals are truly the building blocks of society. Without teachers, our country would just not be the same. As the child of a long time elementary school teacher, there is a lot more work that goes into the […]

Garage Organizers for Bins – Winner!

If there were an Olympics of garage organizing tools, the Compact 12 Tote Home Organizer – Storage Box Organizer would certainly be a medalist, right along side its companion, the plastic bin.  Everyone has plastic storage boxes these days, they are an absolute must when organizing the closet or garage.  But one of the problems […]

Iris – My Favorite Organizers

Organizing the home with plastic bins has become a widely popular method because it is simple and easy for anyone to do. And you can store just about anything in a plastic storage bin.