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Gift wrap storage helps you save money

I love the holidays and Christmas in particular. Every year I go a little crazy with the wrapping, buying ribbon, loads of paper and other trinkets. I love making my own big bows and name tags — I think a gift means so much more when you put time into it, inside and out. It never fails though, my left over wrapping supplies get shoved in the closet come Dec. 26 and never survive the year.

Since I’ve utilized the proper storage for my wrapping hobby, my supplies last so much longer and I am not re-buying every year. It’s a huge money saver and I don’t feel so guilty about throwing out crumbled and bent up rolls of gift wrap.

Vertical storage

Gift wrap storage is nothing new, I know, but a lot of the organizers I have tried in the past fell flat — literally. I was really excited to find these awesome vertical gift wrap bins from Sterilite. The up-right design is great because it fits in closets and other tight spaces a lot easier. The organizer is very sturdy; the Sterilite design stands upright no matter how much or how little you have in it! The regular size is made to hold up 25 rolls of paper measuring up to 30 inches high. The larger size is made to accommodate rolls measuring up to 40 inches high. The large one even has a compartment in the lid for ribbon!

Horizontal storage

The vertical storage may not be as great of a fit for you as it was for me. Perhaps you prefer something to you can stash under a bed or on a storage rack in the basement. In the case, the wrapping paper storage box is a great solution. This classic design is a long plastic bin with a matching red lid. This bin also fits rolls measuring up to 30 inches in length.

Ribbon and bows

If you’re like me, you wrapping doesn’t end at paper. Having the proper storage for ribbon and bows is also a big money saver. This ribbon storage box and dispenser is a huge help all year long. Yes, it keeps expensive fabric ribbons neat, but it also helps dispense them when wrapping. This box is designed with a removable divider and a storage tray for scissors, tape and more.

If you prefer the peel-and-stick bows, you can get storage too. This latching bin is perfect for an entire bag of ready to go bows. This bucket style-bin has a latching lid with a handle so it easy to tote around the house, and the small size is easy to store anywhere in the home.


Plastic Bins for Gift Wrap

Iris Holiday Underbed ContainerDuring the holidays, many of us can agree that our homes turn into a blizzard of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and scraps.  A nice thing to do is in advance of the busy Christmas season (and by that I mean pre-Thanksgiving), set up a corner of your office, playroom, bedroom, closet or anywhere else you can find a small space to get all of your gift wrap in order before the season starts.  Starting with a plastic bin is a great first step.  A plastic box is great for wrapping paper storage as it will protect the paper from moisture, which means that come January you can throw that box into the garage to stay hidden until next Christmas (assuming you don’t need it for birthday presents in between).  The Iris Underbed Storage Container one of my top picks.   It can be stored under the bed, but it doesn’t have to.  It could also be kept under a dresser, buffet, or even out in the open.  The main thing to remember is to measure your longest roll of wrap before purchasing a box to see if it will in fact fit.  I really like this particular box also because it is color coded for Christmas.  So you can easily spot it in the garage or storage shed or under the bed when the season comes around again.  To really stay on top of things, stock your wrapping paper organizer with rolls of tape, scissors and a large gallon size zip up bag to keep ribbons and bows contained and under control.  If you find that your rolls of paper are simply too long (and believe me they do exist), instead of a box with a lid such as this one, go for a tall narrow (cheap) garbage bin that can store rolls upright in the back of your closet or pantry.  It doesn’t provide protection from moisture, however, so you will need to keep it in a dry environment.

Thinking Ahead for Smart Storage

It’s never too late, or too early, to start thinking about Christmas storage.  Since we are right about at the middle of the year, you might still be putting away last year’s holiday decorations (hopefully not the case), or maybe you are looking for deals on next year’s holiday storage finds.  Whatever the case, many people now use fake Christmas trees instead of the real deal.  Fears about fire and other environmental concerns, combined with the invention of very realistic faux trees has increased the number of people using them as the centerpiece of their holiday décor scheme.  So many people are wondering, what is the best way to store my Christmas tree during the rest of the year.  It’s obviously going to be too big to fit in your typical plastic bin.  So how do you accommodate these medium to large size faux plants?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Artifical Christmas Tree Box

Artifical Christmas Tree Box

Artificial Christmas Tree Box – This one is great, as it is made of extra thick plastic and clear on the sides so that you can see what is stored inside.  The lid locks to keep insects, moisture and dust out so that your tree is ready to go next year.  The red lid allows you to spot it easily in the garage and lets you know that there are holiday items stored inside.

TreeKeeper PRO - Rolling Tree Storage Stand

TreeKeeper PRO - Rolling Tree Storage Stand

TreeKeeper PRO – Rolling Tree Storage Stand – This is another one of my favorites, as it is the easiest I’ve found to use.  You simply store your tree inside, pull the cover up over the tree for storage.  And during the holiday season, you roll down the cover which becomes a tree skirt and hides the base!
Lowest Budget Idea – If you can’t spring for an official tree holder, simply use large leaf yard waste bags.  The dark brown or black ones work best, as they keep sunlight out, reducing the possibility of fading.  Slide one bag up from the bottom and one over the top, seal with duct tape.

A Tiny Plastic Bin for a Big Job!

The large photo set keeper with 16 photo cases may look small, but it packs a punch in terms of storage, holding 1600 of 4 x 6 print photos for safe storage.  This is a wonderful, modern update to traditional cardboard photo boxes.

large photo set keeper with 16 photo cases

large photo set keeper with 16 photo cases

The nice thing about this plastic bin is that it is water resistant – you don’t have to worry about the box crumbling if water gets splashed onto it.  The other great thing is that it can keep your photos organized in separate containers as well.  So if you are going to see family and friends, or have a special visitor in your home, you can simply reach for the individual box of photos that you want and have a look at that one only, no more messing around in a box of scattered, messy photos!  This new plastic bin is also acid free, a must have when storing photographs of any age or subject.

Here are some other great tips for storing photos:

·         Photo Albums – this is an obvious choice, that is if you have the time to sort and make up an album!  If not, then you will want to have some sort of photo box like this one or even a traditional photo box.  Any plastic bin will do, just make sure it is acid free if you plan on using it for a while.  Shoe boxes work great too and they are free!

·         Label – With these individual boxes, you can use a label maker or simply make your own labels with a printer or by hand to sort.  Sorting can be done in any way that you choose, from dates to different vacations and more!
There are endless ways to safely store or display your favorite pictures!  Happy Photo Browsing!

Iris Gift Wrap Storage Boxes – The Bin You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wrapping paper and the emotional experience around it is something most of us take for granted.  Think about it.  First, you go through the process of finding that perfect gift for someone.  A birthday, a religious holiday, a graduation – whatever the occasion, it’s always personal and meaningful.  While some see the wrapping of the gift as just a means of concealing an object to enhance the surprise (and that’s fine), I have always appreciated the experience to the final bow or curled ribbon.

iris gift wrap storage boxes

iris gift wrap storage boxes

Two people in my life are probably the reason I hold this practice close to heart.  More like a sacred ritual.  My grandmother for starters.  You never saw such perfection in a wrapped gift.  The patterns always lined up perfectly in the back where the two ends met and you would never find an imperfect bow on her gifts.  She made it an art form like Renoir painted women in gorgeous fashions.  My father also made gift wrapping into an art form, but in a different way.  If a gift was obvious by its shape, he would go to great lengths to make it appear otherwise.  If it was a small gift, he’d wrap it in a box, within a larger box, within a larger box, etc.  Once, he gave my sister a soccer ball but placed it in an oversized bag with a broom handle sticking out! So, their influence obviously has a lot to do with my love for wrapping presents in creative, yet aesthetically pleasing ways.
To make a long story short, I have A LOT of wrapping paper!  I love picking out designs, whether beautiful and ornate or quirky.  And just like any other collection, gift wrapping paper needs a sturdy and dependable storage solution.  I store my vast selection of wrapping paper in these Iris gift wrap storage boxes.  They keep dirt and moisture out, and because they’re hard sided, I can stack multiple boxes without the worry of my delicate wrapping pieces getting crushed!

12-Tote Plastic Storage Bin Organizer – Perfect For Holiday Storage

It only comes around once this time of year; it is the time of year that everyone looks forward to with… dread in their hearts. You heard me right, dread in their hearts. I am not talking about the most magical, wonderful time of the year; no, I am talking about the time right after the holiday season. I am talking about the week after Christmas.

It is the time of year that we pull our cardboard boxes back out of the attic and find all the bubble plastic wrap, and commence to searching the house for all the decorations we put up just about a month ago. Am I the only one that seriously feels like my decorations multiply each year? Everything fit right into the storage boxes before Christmas, why won’t they go back in!?!? Too much holiday desserts, I suppose.

12-tote storage box organizer

12-tote storage box organizer

This year, I would suggest trying something a little different for your holiday storage. Yes, cardboard boxes are economical and easy to get your hands on, but they tend to fall apart over the years and do not provide a sturdy place to store your most valuable decorations. I am sure everyone has a horror story of digging out their Christmas box only to find their favorite ornament or decoration has been crushed into smithereens.

I would suggest trying something out like the 12 tote storage box organizer. This storage organizer can hold up to twelve bins. Plastic totes are much sturdier than cardboard boxes and also provide excellent dust and moisture resistance. The rack is made from sturdy PVC piping, and it can be mounted to a wall for excellent stability. Each end has a clear pocket for placing identification cards into.
You can get this tote organizer at, and they also sell the totes separately.

The Best Plastic Bins For Lights!

Holiday Light Box with Wing-top Lid and 4 Dividers

Holiday Light Box with Wing-top Lid and 4 Dividers

I love the Holliday Season! I love the smell of cranberry orange bread baking, the colorful ornaments on the tree, and especially the lights! They are simply mesmerizing!


As much as I love them once they’re up, the most difficult of all my Christmas decorations to deal with are those strands of lights. I’ve been through too many years of trying to unwind tangles balls of wire and lights to do it any longer.

That’s why I purchased one of these Iris Holiday Lights Storage Boxes. They are by far the easiest way I have found to store those messy strands of holiday lights without tangles.

Each one of these heavy-duty plastic storage boxes comes with a set of 4 corrugated cardboard “spools” to wrap those pesky lights around to keep them tangle-free. The bins are lightly frosted so you can see the contents without opening the lid. The cranberry red wing-top lid keeps moisture and dust out and groves on the lid allow them to stack easily.  These great plastic boxes and spools work really well for storing garland too!

They each measure 10 7/8″H x 13 7/8″W x 18 1/4″D, are sold singly or as a set of two, and can be purchased at

Clutter Control Freak and Stacks and Stacks are Having a Contest!

Win one!

Win one!

Want to win one of these for yourself? Or maybe a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack or Tie Rollers or File Folder Holders? You could be a winner! Take a gander over at Clutter Control Freak. There are several ways to enter, along with daily enties to boost your chances! Check it out!

Post Holiday Plastic Bins

Extra Large Storage Box with Snap Down Lid - Iris 251019

Extra Large Storage Box with Snap Down Lid – Iris 251019

The sweets have been eaten and the wrapping paper cleared. Family and guests have all gone home. And as you bask in the warm afterglow of another memorable holiday season, the thought crosses your mind…”I have to clean all this up!”

Well, Stacks and Stacks makes that chore just a little easier to think about with a multitude of organizers and plastic storage boxes made specifically for holiday storage!

So, let’s see…first there are the wreaths and garlands. They can zip up tight into the soft-sided Wreath Keeper. Then the lights need to come down. They can  be wound up on the handy dividers in the Holiday Light Box and tucked away, tangle-free, for next year. Then stash those ornaments away in the Wing Lid Holiday Storage Box. It comes with cardboard dividers that keep all your ornaments separated and protected from damage.

If you have an artificial tree, it can bed down in the Christmas Tree Storage Box for the year. This plastic bin has snap-down clasps on the ends to keep stray branches in their place. Finish with all your stockings and assorted decor in a 60 qt Holiday Storage Bin, also with snap-lock closures and your job is done!

Neat, easy and totally organized. 🙂

No More Confusion: Plastic Bin Labels



I have a ton of plastic bins in my garage! I store my Christmas decorations, off season clothes, kid’s outgrown clothes and toys, art and craft supplies, my grandmother’s china and a slew of other stuff that I should probably go through. 🙂

I have written directly on my Christmas bins with permanent markers to identify the contents, but I don’t want to do that with some of the other bins as the contents will most likely change over time.

So I found these great little Bin Labels! They are little adhesive backed plastic envelopes that come with little write on cards that slip inside. You can easily write the contents of the bin on the card and place the plastic sleeve anywhere on the bin so you can identify its contents easily without having to open it! Change the contents? Change the card!

These are great for kids toy bins, too! You can even place a picture of the bin’s contents on the card for children who aren’t reading yet so they can be organized, too!

I picked these bin labels up at Stacks and Stacks dot com.

How would you use these Bin Labels?