Gift wrap storage helps you save money

I love the holidays and Christmas in particular. Every year I go a little crazy with the wrapping, buying ribbon, loads of paper and other trinkets. I love making my own big bows and name tags — I think a gift means so much more when you put time into it, inside and out. It […]

Plastic Bins for Gift Wrap

During the holidays, many of us can agree that our homes turn into a blizzard of wrapping paper, bows, ribbons and scraps.  A nice thing to do is in advance of the busy Christmas season (and by that I mean pre-Thanksgiving), set up a corner of your office, playroom, bedroom, closet or anywhere else you […]

Thinking Ahead for Smart Storage

It’s never too late, or too early, to start thinking about Christmas storage. Since we are right about at the middle of the year, you might still be putting away last year’s holiday decorations (hopefully not the case), or maybe you are looking for deals on next year’s holiday storage finds. Whatever the case, many people now use fake Christmas trees instead of the real deal.

A Tiny Plastic Bin for a Big Job!

The large photo set keeper with 16 photo cases may look small, but it packs a punch in terms of storage, holding 1600 of 4 x 6 print photos for safe storage. This is a wonderful, modern update to traditional cardboard photo boxes.

Iris Gift Wrap Storage Boxes – The Bin You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wrapping paper and the emotional experience around it is something most of us take for granted. Think about it. First, you go through the process of finding that perfect gift for someone. A birthday, a religious holiday, a graduation – whatever the occasion, it’s always personal and meaningful. While some see the wrapping of the gift as just a means of concealing an object to enhance the surprise (and that’s fine), I have always appreciated the experience to the final bow or curled ribbon.

12-Tote Plastic Storage Bin Organizer – Perfect For Holiday Storage

It only comes around once this time of year; it is the time of year that everyone looks forward to with… dread in their hearts. You heard me right, dread in their hearts. I am not talking about the most magical, wonderful time of the year; no, I am talking about the time right after the holiday season. I am talking about the week after Christmas.

The Best Plastic Bins For Lights!

I love the Holliday Season! I love the smell of cranberry orange bread baking, the colorful ornaments on the tree, and especially the lights! They are simply mesmerizing! As much as I love them once they’re up, the most difficult of all my Christmas decorations to deal with are those strands of lights. I’ve been through too many years of trying to unwind tangles balls of wire and lights to do it any longer.

Clutter Control Freak and Stacks and Stacks are Having a Contest!

Want to win one of these for yourself? Or maybe a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack or Tie Rollers or File Folder Holders? You could be a winner! Take a gander over at Clutter Control Freak. There are several ways to enter, along with daily enties to boost your chances! Check it out!

Post Holiday Plastic Bins

The sweets have been eaten and the wrapping paper cleared. Family and guests have all gone home. And as you bask in the warm afterglow of another memorable holiday season, the thought crosses your mind…”I have to clean all this up!”

No More Confusion: Plastic Bin Labels

I have a ton of plastic bins in my garage! I store my Christmas decorations, off season clothes, kid’s outgrown clothes and toys, art and craft supplies, my grandmother’s china and a slew of other stuff that I should probably go through. 🙂 I have written directly on my Christmas bins with permanent markers to identify […]