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Refrigerator Storage Bins

refrigerator storage bins

If I could use only one product to organize my fridge, it would be refrigerator storage bins.

If you’ve ever been down on your knees, cleaning up the mess from the mushrooms you forgot, the meat that thawed and leaked through the cellophane, or the Buffalo Wing sauce you inadvertently tipped as you rummaged for a midnight snack, you know exactly what I’m referring to. Messes. Icky, sticky messes. Unidentified, mystery messes. Messes made glaringly apparent by the stark contrast against your cold white refrigerator interior.

When I started working at Organize-It, I quickly discovered tons of ways to organize my home. The refrigerator bins by Dial were probably the most glorious discovery. I quickly purchased enough to fill my refrigerator. Now you might be thinking you can get some dollar store plastic and use that, but I don’t recommend it. Here’s why, some plastics are safe for food, and some aren’t. Also, plastics not engineered for cold temperatures quickly crack when the temperature exceeds their tolerances.

Dial refrigerator storage bins are food and refrigerator safe. There are numerous other reasons they are great:

  • Clear plastic lets you see the contents.
  • Recessed handles let you pull them out for easy access.
  • Spills are cleaned by removing and washing the fridge bins only.
  • Easily access hard-to-reach items by removing the bin.
  • Easily organize food by consolidating like foods into individual bins.
  • Reduce refrigerator maintenance by tending to bins as they get soiled.
  • Refrigerator bins come in a variety of sizes including narrow bins for fruit.
  • Bins are stackable for efficient vertical storage of smaller food items.

Refrigerator storage bins help me keep my refrigerator organized and I seem to have less food waste, as the food is visible and accessible. The stackable design lets me add more as needed and I was able to combine units to fill most of my shelf space, with a little left over for small liquid cartons, such as milk. I highly recommend these, as they are my favorite food organization product.

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How to make a compost bin with a simple plastic tote

“Compost is an organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer or soil amendment.”

Thanks, Wiki. But how do you make a compost bin? A quick Pinterest search can lead to premature exhaustion and overwhelming apathy. Do not fret, you do not need to go all out to create a simple home compost bin. Thankfully, there is an easy and inexpensive way.

I’m always trying to find new, unique ways to use those plastic totes that line my basement walls. As I watched the slowly changing leaves this weekend, it hit me: compost bin.

Here is a simple step by step process on how to make a compost bin:

Take your pick

Find a plastic bin fit for the job. Whether you have on laying around or must purchase one, make sure it is tall. At least two feet. And it must have a very secure, latching lid to keep our any curious critters.

Once you have a bin picked out, grab a drill or a hammer and nail to create air holes. Put at least eight hols in the bottom of the bin and in the lid. This will allow for proper air circulation and therefore even composting.

Fill it up

Back to those leaves. If you have them, collect some dry leaves from the yard and fill a quarter of the  bin with them. You can also use newspaper for this, but I really recommend the dry leaves for a more pure compost.

Next is dirt. You can buy some for a hardware store or just dig it out of the ground at home. Either way, fill the bin with dirt until it is half full.


Next, just add you food waste.  Every time you add waste to the bin, make sure to stir it gently with a shovel or hand spade. Then spray it lightly with water until it is moist — you do not want to make it too wet. Be gentle!

Finally, just place the DIY compost bin somewhere outside in the shade so it doesn’t dry out. Come spring, you will have the best fertilizer for your gardens. And the cycle continues!

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How to build a cat shelter with plastic bins

Winter weather can be deadly for our feline friends.

If you’re  a cat lover like me, it can be difficult to ignore the feral kitties that come begging for food. Sometimes these felines come knocking, but for whatever reason we just cannot welcome them into our homes. That doesn’t mean we can’t help.

The colder months are creeping in on us. Whether you have feral cats that roam your yard or just prefer letting your pets explore the outdoors, plastic bins can be used to make some inexpensive, very cozy kitty homes.

How to build a cat shelter

The easiest way to create a DIY cat shelter is by stacking two different sized plastic bins. Use a large plastic bin as the main unit, cutting  entrance and exit holes. Then place the smaller bin inside and cut matching holes. From here, fill the space between the bins with your choice of insulation to help maintain body heat. Put the lid on the smaller bin and place more insulation on top. Next, put the lid on top of the large bin and – voila – kitty house!

Ideas for insulation include: blankets, foam insulation and straw. If you’re not sold on the plastic bins, consider:

  • A styrofoam cooler
  • Picnic cooler
  • Storage bins

What to keep in mind

When building an outdoor shelter for family or feral cats, remember:

  • Keep shelters away from dogs!
  • Keep shelters out of sight from any indoor cats you may have. When indoor kitties get a glimpse of other strange cats roaming around their domain, it may trigger some aggressive behavior inside the home.
  • Consider cutting two entrances so cats have an escape if confronted by opossums, raccoons or other rodents.

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Go paperless with the help of plastic bins

The idea of a paperless kitchen can be overwhelming — and usually it inspires the same thought process. “A paperless kitchen,” the first thought typically is, “… that means more laundry!”

How does this relate to plastic bins? Bear with me.

Yes, if you decide to make this transition, you will be using – and washing – more linens. But if you utilize the right pieces and organize yourself, you will be only be doing laundry just as often as you were before. The easiest way to keep laundry at a minimum is giving yourself somewhere to throw kitchen rags when you’re done with them – some sort of plastic bin, perhaps.

I cannot recommend the Cabinet Door Mount Waste Bin enough. This handy bin hides out of sight while keeping dirty rags covered and consolidated. The handy design mounts to the inside of any standard cabinet door. Add one – or two – to control kitchen clutter.

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Plastic Bins to Keep In Your Car

Collapsible CrateWe all sing the praises of how useful plastic bins are for storage around the home, but what about in the car?  Turns out they can help with so many things outside of the home as well!

Here is a run down of how to pick and what to use for different types of plastic bins in your car:

  • Collapsible Crate – These fold flat and can be used for everything from keeping grocery bags upright to eliminating your use of grocery bags all together!
  • Lidded Plastic Box –  A small, file size lidded plastic box is a wonderful thing in the trunk of a car.  There are a million plus uses for it.  Here, just a few that I can think of:
  • Extra Shoes – after a day in the mud (or after an unfortunate step in doggie waste), you can rest assured that your carpet and upholstery will remain stain (and stink) free thanks to extra shoes and a container in which to put the dirty ones.
  • Hiking/Nature Kit:  If you find yourself spending more and more time outdoors these days, why not stock your car with essential tools for enjoying nature such as a frisbee, binoculars and sunblock.
  • Emergency Kit – This goes without saying, every car should keep a fully stocked emergency kit for both roadside emergencies and weather emergencies.  Toss a first aid kit in there as well for last minute injuries and illness.
  • Kids Kit – Not just for the trunk, plastic bins find uses all over the car.  In the front passenger seat, moms and dads can set up a kids kit for unexpected delays in the car.  Stock it with items such as snacks, water, coloring supplies, toys, and a few good kids music CDs.  Next time you find yourself in traffic, you will be thankful to have all of this stuff on hand to avoid messy tantrums that are caused by bored, tired or hungry little ones.

Now that you have your home storage under control, get a grip on that car where we spend more and more time these days with some handy, compact plastic bins!

Plastic Bins and Crates on the Go…

Polymer Logistics - 1/2 Collapsible Box BinWhen talking shop about garage organizing, modular comes up a lot.  Modular, for our purposes, simply means customizable – in other words different sizes coming together to form a system of storage that works best for your home or business environment.  Enter this week’s featured product line, Polymer Logistics bins and accessories.  This system is brand new to the market and an absolute gem, giving homeowners and business owners alike different components to work with to ensure a smooth operation and efficient organization in everything they do.

Available in this system are 1/2 Collapsible Box Bins and 1/4 bins with wheels.  Great for everything from storing tools and sporting goods in the garage to keeping outdoor seasonal items contained!  Best of all these crates fold for storage themselves when not needed – a true space saving wonder in home organization tools.  The heavy duty construction allows them to be resistant to mildew, mold, insects and pests and also boast a temperature range of 4-120 degrees F.

Now get organizing!

Barbeque Party – Plastic Charcoal Bin for Summer Fun

Kingsford Kaddy Charcoal DispenserOur featured product this week couldn’t arrive faster!  Although the kids are back in school, summer does not officially end until September 22nd.  And even then, many of us continue to enjoy warm weather well into the “fall”.  So rest assured, it is natural to still have barbecue on the brain.  The Kingsford Kaddy Charcoal Dispenser is a great investment (or gift) for any barbeque enthusiast, or for the occasional griller.

Made of sturdy plastic with a tight fitting lid and latch, this charcoal holder makes it a breeze to pour just the right amount of charcoal on the grill.  And even better than that, it keeps moisture and pests out for better performance from your coals.  If you don’t grill that often, you will appreciate that this handy plastic bin keeps your most important grilling supply fresh and dry.  And if you are a master griller, you will love that when you put your barbeque spatula down for the winter (if you in fact do that), you know your coals will last and be ready for action next summer.

It boasts a 100% weatherproof design for use in the nastiest of weather, and allowing you to keep it outside with all of your other barbeque equipment.  A sturdy handle on the top allows for easy pouring, a must have for any adults, and especially appreciated by grandpa!  Enjoy this change of seasons and keep thinking outside of the bin for great ideas for storage around the home, year-round!

Plastic Wine Racks?

Fridge Binz Wine RackHey, don’t knock it till you try it!  This week’s featured product is the Fridge Binz Stackable Three-Bottle Wine Holder, made of plastic and designed for organizing, so I think it’s a safe fit for this blog, no?  For many of us, when we think of wine, we get a tad bit snooty in our heads.  So a wine rack made of plastic bins seems unthinkable.  But, many people enjoy gourmet wines out of cardboard boxes these days, so why should we think a plastic wine rack is out of the question?

The Fridge Binz Stackable Three-Bottle Wine Holder is mostly designed for white wines, obviously, that need to be chilled in the fridge.  If you chill your white wine this way, just make sure to let it warm up a tad bit and “breathe” before you indulge, as a regular food refrigerator is a bit too cold for wine enjoyment.  Another great use for this handy organizer would be in a wine refrigerator that you have that has an open space at the bottom or top, in which you want to store extra bottles.

Made of clear resipreme, these wine bins are stackable as well to maximize storage in your fridge or out.  You could even line them up in a cupboard or pantry as a modular wine rack instead of using in the refrigerator.

As we see here, plastic bins come in all shapes, sizes and colors, making themselves useful in every area of the home!

Using Plastic Bins for Tools and Hardware

Craft and Tool Organizer Chest - 16 DrawerPlastic bins are simply a must-have if you are interested in a clean and orderly garage area.  One of the best uses for these handy home organizers are for storing tools and hardware.  Here are some tips on how to choose and how to use plastic bins for tools in the garage:

Large Tool Storage:  For medium sized handheld power tools, for example a belt sander or circular saw, a set of plastic storage boxes can keep their cords under control, moisture away from blades and motors, and also be stacked for a neat and tidy look in the garage.  Look for large containers that are stackable and clear so that you can see what’s in there without digging through a pile.

Hand Tool Storage:  For all of those wrenches, ratchets and screwdrivers, a more affordable option than a traditional steel tool rack are plastic drawer systems.  As long as you don’t pack the drawers full, these handy drawers can hold a layer of hand tools and the clear drawer fronts allow you to see where everything is.

Hardware Storage:  And for all of your nuts and bolts, plus tiny screwdrivers and allen wrenches, a small plastic drawer system is the way to go, like this Craft and Tool Organizer Chest which keeps all of your most used hardware neat and tidy, and easy to access.  If your workbench is already cluttered, mount this drawer chest to the wall for extra space efficiency in the garage.

Label, label, label.  It can’t be stated enough that if you are going for organization, which in turn will save you time during your next home or auto project, labeling each and every bin, drawer or other storage method is a must.  This makes it easier to find things, but more importantly, it makes it easier to put things away, so that you can find them the next time.


Plastic Bins for Crafts Storage

Plastic ContainersLet’s talk about plastic bins and how they can be used for craft storage and keeping all of those tools under control!  We all know how overwhelming those crafting supplies can get.  You start off with just a few scraps of paper and before you know it, you are swimming in stamps, stickers, photos and more!  Here are some tips for every type of crafter, from the beginner to the pro to keep all of that clutter under control!

The At-Home Crafter:  If you prefer to spend your evenings at home with scissors and glue in hand, then  you are a true at home crafter.  Out of all the types, you probably have the most variety in crafting tools and supplies, so it’s important to think big in terms of storage.  Plastic storage drawers are handy for keeping all sorts of supplies.  Just be sure to measure the drawers to make sure they will fit your scrapbooking paper and label each drawer to keep things organized in the longterm.

The Crafter On-the-Go:  Perhaps you have a job that requires you to bring craft supplies with you.  I’m talking to you, teachers!  Look for something with a handle and locking lid like this large plastic container which has a colorful lid but see-through sides so you can see what’s in there and grab the right box before you head out the door.

The Seamstress (or Tailor): Swimming in fabric?  Stacking plastic bins, especially the type that are open in the front are going to be your best friend!  To hold thread and sewing machine supplies, look for small divided plastic boxes.

Kid Crafters:  Anyone with kids knows that those art supplies add up fast in the home!  Open baskets are great as kids can easily reach for what they need and put things away without having to fiddle with lids.

Happy Crafting!