The Ultimate Plastic Bin – Nesting Baskets!

I love storage bins! But even more, I love storage bins that store flat and out of my way! Stacks and Stacks has this awesome 3 piece set of collapsible storage baskets fits the bill perfectly! Use them for kid’s toys, tub toys, toiletries, linens, shoes, storage in your car, crafts, CD’s or Dvd’s, and […]

No More Confusion: Plastic Bin Labels

I have a ton of plastic bins in my garage! I store my Christmas decorations, off season clothes, kid’s outgrown clothes and toys, art and craft supplies, my grandmother’s china and a slew of other stuff that I should probably go through. 🙂 I have written directly on my Christmas bins with permanent markers to identify […]

Check under the bed for….Storage with Plastic Bins!

The storage space under your bed is mostly likely not being used right now. In fact, it’s likely there are several items under your bed that you haven’t seen recently. There are several reasons why utilitizing underbed storage space is easy and affordable.

Tips from Martha Stewart Using Plastic Bins

The next time your kids tell you they have nothing to do, pull out a craft kit filled with supplies to fuel their imaginations. Creating, organizing and labeling the kits can also be a fun activity for children: Use clear plastic storage bins to keep craft supplies easily identifiable and contained. Below are suggestions for […]

Plastic bins – the new catch-all for…well…everything!

  Plastic bins are becoming the answer to many of our organizing issues. With many different sizes, shapes and sets we can custom organize anything, really. Some bins have wheels, some have holes and some have drawers. The options are endless and sometimes that in itself can become a little overwhelming. I use plastic bins […]