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Plastic Bins for Crafts Storage

Plastic ContainersLet’s talk about plastic bins and how they can be used for craft storage and keeping all of those tools under control!  We all know how overwhelming those crafting supplies can get.  You start off with just a few scraps of paper and before you know it, you are swimming in stamps, stickers, photos and more!  Here are some tips for every type of crafter, from the beginner to the pro to keep all of that clutter under control!

The At-Home Crafter:  If you prefer to spend your evenings at home with scissors and glue in hand, then  you are a true at home crafter.  Out of all the types, you probably have the most variety in crafting tools and supplies, so it’s important to think big in terms of storage.  Plastic storage drawers are handy for keeping all sorts of supplies.  Just be sure to measure the drawers to make sure they will fit your scrapbooking paper and label each drawer to keep things organized in the longterm.

The Crafter On-the-Go:  Perhaps you have a job that requires you to bring craft supplies with you.  I’m talking to you, teachers!  Look for something with a handle and locking lid like this large plastic container which has a colorful lid but see-through sides so you can see what’s in there and grab the right box before you head out the door.

The Seamstress (or Tailor): Swimming in fabric?  Stacking plastic bins, especially the type that are open in the front are going to be your best friend!  To hold thread and sewing machine supplies, look for small divided plastic boxes.

Kid Crafters:  Anyone with kids knows that those art supplies add up fast in the home!  Open baskets are great as kids can easily reach for what they need and put things away without having to fiddle with lids.

Happy Crafting!


Tiny Plastic Bins

Mesh Utility BinsToday we’re talking about plastic bins, but not your ordinary ones.  These are tiny, perfect for organizing a variety of items throughout the home, from the garage to the bathroom, office and more!  When looking for small plastic bins, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Stackable – You want these handy little helpers to be stackable, that way you can add and subtract bins to suit your current storage needs.
  • Open or Closed Front – Do you want an easy access open front, or would the items being stored be better cared for by having a lid on the front?
  • Mesh or Solid?  For small items, make sure they are not going to fall through any mesh side or bottom openings.  If you like the look of mesh, look carefully for a very small weave, as seen on these Mesh Utility Bins.
  • Colorful or Less Obvious?  If you are looking to add color and dress up your desk or bathroom counter, then by all means go bold with your favorite colors!  If you want your storage to blend in more subtly, though, then go for white, black, or even clear (provided that you don’t care if stored items are visible to the world).

And here are some more uses for small plastic bins that you may not have thought of before:

  • Office Supplies – everything from paper clips to thumb tacks!
  • Hair accessories – great for little girls to keep hair items all in one place.
  • Kids Organizers – any small craft item, like glue sticks can easily find a home in these bins, and it’s simple for kids to keep them organized.
  • Garage Hardware – Anything from screws to nails, brads and staples!

Organizing Tips for Teachers: Craft Storage in Plastic Bins

Today’s post is dedicated to those fine purveyors of knowledge – the elementary school teacher. You hard-working individuals are truly the building blocks of society. Without teachers, our country would just not be the same. As the child of a long time elementary school teacher, there is a lot more work that goes into the job than many people realize.

One of the most arduous tasks that come with being a teacher is the clean-up that occurs after the school year is finished. For the students, it’s “school is out for summer!” but for teachers, the end of the school year is synonymous with weeks of organizing, trashing and cleaning.

For you teachers, this year make the clean-up job a little bit easier by purchasing a variety of plastic storage boxes and bins for keeping smaller items neat and organized. Plus, next year you will know exactly where you left all the glitter and stencils – instead of digging through the back closet for 20 minutes while a class full of 10 year olds looks on in confusion.

Sterilite 3-Drawer Organizer - ClearView Wide

Sterilite 3-Drawer Organizer – ClearView Wide

I would recommend purchasing a few Sterilite 3-Drawer Organizer – ClearView Wide 2093 storage boxes. These boxes are perfect for keeping paper and stationery in order. They also make an excellent place to keep writing utensils, crayons, scissors and other craft items. The best thing about these organizers (other than their sturdy construction) is that they are clear, making it easy to see into the drawers.

4-Drawer Acrylic Organizer

4-Drawer Acrylic Organizer

I think it is important to get a variety of organizers for cleaning up the classroom. Different items require different types of storage organizers. Therefore, I would recommend picking up another organizer such as the 4-Drawer Acrylic Organizer for storing smaller items such glitter, beads, stencils and other bulk items that are hard to store in larger drawers. This organizer is also clear, making it easy to see into the drawers.

Good luck to all of you teachers in getting the classroom in order this summer… Just be prepared to pull it all back out in two months!

A Great Little Plastic Bin Set For Photos

Last weekend I got my wedding album, and knew that I needed to find a place to store the many duplicate photos that my wife and I had ordered. My mother insisted that we use the old traditional photo album to store the duplicates just like she had back in the day; of course she had completely forgotten about the harmful acidic chemicals that can be found in old-school photo albums. These harmful chemicals eventually eat away at photos and destroy them. What is the point in ordering duplicates if they are just going to get ruined?

My home does not have much in the way of storage space, so I needed a photo storage case that does not take up a lot of space on shelves or in the closet. Usually binder style photo albums are not very space efficient. They take up lots of shelf space and waste closet space that could be used for other items.

photo sets keeper with 6 photo cases

photo sets keeper with 6 photo cases

I was online at Stacks and Stacks, searching for photo storage accessories, when I came across the perfect solution for storing my wedding pictures.  The photo sets keeper with 6 photo cases had the perfect durability, style and compactness for my wedding pictures and more. Each of the six photo cases is able to store up to 100 photos, ensuring I will have plenty of room for all of my photos and any photos I take in the future.

With a size of 5.5″H x 7.4″W x 8.6″D, this photo case is very compact and provides storage for all of my extra photos. The top of this box latches down, and with the acid free construction, will not break down the quality of the photos over time. The lid of this case has molded handles, making it easy to transport this photo case anywhere!

A Tiny Plastic Bin for a Big Job!

The large photo set keeper with 16 photo cases may look small, but it packs a punch in terms of storage, holding 1600 of 4 x 6 print photos for safe storage.  This is a wonderful, modern update to traditional cardboard photo boxes.

large photo set keeper with 16 photo cases

large photo set keeper with 16 photo cases

The nice thing about this plastic bin is that it is water resistant – you don’t have to worry about the box crumbling if water gets splashed onto it.  The other great thing is that it can keep your photos organized in separate containers as well.  So if you are going to see family and friends, or have a special visitor in your home, you can simply reach for the individual box of photos that you want and have a look at that one only, no more messing around in a box of scattered, messy photos!  This new plastic bin is also acid free, a must have when storing photographs of any age or subject.

Here are some other great tips for storing photos:

·         Photo Albums – this is an obvious choice, that is if you have the time to sort and make up an album!  If not, then you will want to have some sort of photo box like this one or even a traditional photo box.  Any plastic bin will do, just make sure it is acid free if you plan on using it for a while.  Shoe boxes work great too and they are free!

·         Label – With these individual boxes, you can use a label maker or simply make your own labels with a printer or by hand to sort.  Sorting can be done in any way that you choose, from dates to different vacations and more!
There are endless ways to safely store or display your favorite pictures!  Happy Photo Browsing!

Iris Gift Wrap Storage Boxes – The Bin You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wrapping paper and the emotional experience around it is something most of us take for granted.  Think about it.  First, you go through the process of finding that perfect gift for someone.  A birthday, a religious holiday, a graduation – whatever the occasion, it’s always personal and meaningful.  While some see the wrapping of the gift as just a means of concealing an object to enhance the surprise (and that’s fine), I have always appreciated the experience to the final bow or curled ribbon.

iris gift wrap storage boxes

iris gift wrap storage boxes

Two people in my life are probably the reason I hold this practice close to heart.  More like a sacred ritual.  My grandmother for starters.  You never saw such perfection in a wrapped gift.  The patterns always lined up perfectly in the back where the two ends met and you would never find an imperfect bow on her gifts.  She made it an art form like Renoir painted women in gorgeous fashions.  My father also made gift wrapping into an art form, but in a different way.  If a gift was obvious by its shape, he would go to great lengths to make it appear otherwise.  If it was a small gift, he’d wrap it in a box, within a larger box, within a larger box, etc.  Once, he gave my sister a soccer ball but placed it in an oversized bag with a broom handle sticking out! So, their influence obviously has a lot to do with my love for wrapping presents in creative, yet aesthetically pleasing ways.
To make a long story short, I have A LOT of wrapping paper!  I love picking out designs, whether beautiful and ornate or quirky.  And just like any other collection, gift wrapping paper needs a sturdy and dependable storage solution.  I store my vast selection of wrapping paper in these Iris gift wrap storage boxes.  They keep dirt and moisture out, and because they’re hard sided, I can stack multiple boxes without the worry of my delicate wrapping pieces getting crushed!

The 24 Compartment Hardware Box Is The Perfect Crafting Tool!

24 compartment hardware box

24 compartment hardware box

My friend Beatrice is a crafting maniac!  Shoe does it all.  Beading jewelry, scrap booking, knitting, screen printing, ceramics and even doll house building.  Where this gal finds the time for all those projects, I am not quite sure.  I am, however, aware of her needs for craft supply storage.  With a collection of craft supplies like hers, you can’t resort to any old shoe box or chest of drawers.

Her challenge was in finding a place to keep all those little bits and pieces.  For example, her beads come in little plastic baggies with the zipper closure.  Good place to start, but throwing all of them into a box meant time wasted trying to sort through them.  She started keeping them in a divided compartment box. The 24 compartment hardware box is clear so she can easily see inside.  It looks really pretty, with every color of the rainbow lined up in order.  But this nifty little storage box does more than organizer her beads.  She also uses them for just about every other hobby.

I thought these divided cases were only helpful for storing nuts and bolts in the garage, but it turns out there’s endless uses for them!  My dad has a sailboat and uses them for storing his boat tackle.  My sister uses one to sort her earrings.  I even know someone who says she uses them to separate cookie confetti’s and sprinkles (she’s a baker).

Just how many ways can you utilize this little organizer box?  I’m going to put it to the test in my home and I have a feeling it will do wonders!

The Ultimate Plastic Bin – Nesting Baskets!


I love storage bins! But even more, I love storage bins that store flat and out of my way!

Stacks and Stacks has this awesome 3 piece set of collapsible storage baskets fits the bill perfectly! Use them for kid’s toys, tub toys, toiletries, linens, shoes, storage in your car, crafts, CD’s or Dvd’s, and so much more!

Graduated in size to hold a variety of items, the baskets are made of durable polypropylene in pretty purple and teal colors. Pop-up handles like a shopping basket make carrying them a breeze, and tuck completely away when not being used. There are also cut-out side wall handles which can be used to carry heavy loads.

These plastic storage containers can store away tucked inside each other while upright or flat for a combined height of 6″. Plastic bin sizes are: Small basket – 12″ x 8″ x 6″; Medium basket – 15″ x 10″ x 8″; Large basket – 17.5″ x 12 1/4″ x 10″. And at $36.99 for all three, it’s quite a deal!

New Uses for an Old Favorite

Iris Storage Box - 68 Qt - CB-60

Iris Storage Box - 68 Qt - CB-60

I have a few of these Iris Storage Bins at home. I’ve had them for a while and they have served me well over the years, storing everything from educational home-school games for my kids to my grandmother’s dishes.


Since the kids are almost grown, we have been able scale down a bit and we don’t need to store quite as much these days. These are such rugged plastic bins though – I hate to get rid of them. So this got me thinking of what else I could use them for in my home besides just storage. Here are a few ideas I came up with:

·        One of these bins (minus the lid, of course) makes an amazing litter box! Cuts way down on the amount of litter tracked across the floor by tiny feet.


·         My daughter used to LOVE Barbies. When she’d get stir crazy in the winter, I would fill one half way with water and let her play “Pool” on a towel on the kitchen floor.


·         They also make a great indoor sandbox on rainy days for bored kids. (Only if you’re willing to deal with a bit of mess. I never minded so much in the kitchen as long as I could monitor them) Just make sure to put the lid on when you’re done so the cat doesn’t get confused. J

·         These plastic bins are a great size to use for a laundry basket.


·         Makes a nice catch-all for my son’s skateboard parts and tools.


·         Perfect for storing bath toys – no drips on the floor!


·         If you have artsy-craftsy kids (or even for you!) this makes a great supply box.


·         Makes the perfect sized bath tub for my Chihuahua.

What else would you use them for?

Scrapbooking Wanna Be? This Bin’s for You!

17746-Iris Large Photo Keeper with 12 Cases

17746-Iris Large Photo Keeper with 12 Cases

I’m jealous of scrapbookers.

I have friends who keep scrapbooks. They set aside time every month to organize their photos, crop them down, carefully attach them to pages in their books, and then proceed to beautifully decorate the pages with colorful cutouts, stamps, and a multitude of fancy do-hickies. The result is a gorgeous work of art – a keepsake for future generations!

Me? I count myself lucky if I even get a print developed. Much less, spend hours painstakingly designing a fancy home for them. Don’t get me wrong! I’m most definitely the creative type. But most of my creativity these days is spent trying to feed a family of five on a budget for four, or finding a way to jimmy-rig the broken kitchen faucet until payday. 🙂

That’s why I love this Photo Keeper bin from Iris! The Large Photo Keeper includes 12 individual photo cases that each hold 100 standard 4″ x 6″ photos. The cases are acid free for long term use, and have rounded corners and edges to protect your cherished memories. The large and affordable keeper bin buckles closed and has an easy carry handle.

This way I can pat myself on the back when I do get pictures developed, and consider it a real accomplishment when I nest each batch into it’s protective box, give it a label and store it away for safekeeping.

Not a fancy scrapbook, but perfect for someone like me who just wants to document those memories and keep them for future generations.

You can purchase the Large Photo Keeper with 12 Cases at Stacks and for $19.99.