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Plastic Bins and Crates on the Go…

Polymer Logistics - 1/2 Collapsible Box BinWhen talking shop about garage organizing, modular comes up a lot.  Modular, for our purposes, simply means customizable – in other words different sizes coming together to form a system of storage that works best for your home or business environment.  Enter this week’s featured product line, Polymer Logistics bins and accessories.  This system is brand new to the market and an absolute gem, giving homeowners and business owners alike different components to work with to ensure a smooth operation and efficient organization in everything they do.

Available in this system are 1/2 Collapsible Box Bins and 1/4 bins with wheels.  Great for everything from storing tools and sporting goods in the garage to keeping outdoor seasonal items contained!  Best of all these crates fold for storage themselves when not needed – a true space saving wonder in home organization tools.  The heavy duty construction allows them to be resistant to mildew, mold, insects and pests and also boast a temperature range of 4-120 degrees F.

Now get organizing!

Using Plastic Bins for Tools and Hardware

Craft and Tool Organizer Chest - 16 DrawerPlastic bins are simply a must-have if you are interested in a clean and orderly garage area.  One of the best uses for these handy home organizers are for storing tools and hardware.  Here are some tips on how to choose and how to use plastic bins for tools in the garage:

Large Tool Storage:  For medium sized handheld power tools, for example a belt sander or circular saw, a set of plastic storage boxes can keep their cords under control, moisture away from blades and motors, and also be stacked for a neat and tidy look in the garage.  Look for large containers that are stackable and clear so that you can see what’s in there without digging through a pile.

Hand Tool Storage:  For all of those wrenches, ratchets and screwdrivers, a more affordable option than a traditional steel tool rack are plastic drawer systems.  As long as you don’t pack the drawers full, these handy drawers can hold a layer of hand tools and the clear drawer fronts allow you to see where everything is.

Hardware Storage:  And for all of your nuts and bolts, plus tiny screwdrivers and allen wrenches, a small plastic drawer system is the way to go, like this Craft and Tool Organizer Chest which keeps all of your most used hardware neat and tidy, and easy to access.  If your workbench is already cluttered, mount this drawer chest to the wall for extra space efficiency in the garage.

Label, label, label.  It can’t be stated enough that if you are going for organization, which in turn will save you time during your next home or auto project, labeling each and every bin, drawer or other storage method is a must.  This makes it easier to find things, but more importantly, it makes it easier to put things away, so that you can find them the next time.


Tiny Plastic Bins

Mesh Utility BinsToday we’re talking about plastic bins, but not your ordinary ones.  These are tiny, perfect for organizing a variety of items throughout the home, from the garage to the bathroom, office and more!  When looking for small plastic bins, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Stackable – You want these handy little helpers to be stackable, that way you can add and subtract bins to suit your current storage needs.
  • Open or Closed Front – Do you want an easy access open front, or would the items being stored be better cared for by having a lid on the front?
  • Mesh or Solid?  For small items, make sure they are not going to fall through any mesh side or bottom openings.  If you like the look of mesh, look carefully for a very small weave, as seen on these Mesh Utility Bins.
  • Colorful or Less Obvious?  If you are looking to add color and dress up your desk or bathroom counter, then by all means go bold with your favorite colors!  If you want your storage to blend in more subtly, though, then go for white, black, or even clear (provided that you don’t care if stored items are visible to the world).

And here are some more uses for small plastic bins that you may not have thought of before:

  • Office Supplies – everything from paper clips to thumb tacks!
  • Hair accessories – great for little girls to keep hair items all in one place.
  • Kids Organizers – any small craft item, like glue sticks can easily find a home in these bins, and it’s simple for kids to keep them organized.
  • Garage Hardware – Anything from screws to nails, brads and staples!

Garage Organizers for Bins – Winner!

Compact 12 Tote Storage Box Organizer

Compact 12 Tote Storage Box Organizer

If there were an Olympics of garage organizing tools, the Compact 12 Tote Home Organizer – Storage Box Organizer would certainly be a medalist, right along side its companion, the plastic bin.  Everyone has plastic storage boxes these days, they are an absolute must when organizing the closet or garage.  But one of the problems with this type of storage, perhaps the only problem, is the usage factor when stacking them.  It is a blessing that plastic bins are stackable, but at the same time, when you have a tall stack of them, it can be a pain to dig through, stack, unstack and restack the boxes, just to get to one tiny little item.

A storage box organizer eliminates that problem with ease, as it keeps each box separated on its own shelf.  You still get the same space efficient storage design, but without the hassle of stacking and unstacking layers of bins.

Here are some of the other things I love about this garage storage wonder:

  • Sturdy Design – Let’s face it, the plastic boxes may be lightweight, but when you load them up with clothing, tools or toys, they get heavy quickly.  Luckily, these bin organizer racks can be mounted to the wall for additional stability.  Great if you live in earthquake country, or anywhere else for that matter.
  • Neat and Tidy – The simple design gives your garage a cleaner, clutter free appearance.  The white design is easy to clean and keep dust free.  Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or paper towel!
  • Moving – If you ever move, you can easily take these plastic box storage racks with you for enhanced garage storage and organization in your next home.  They can even be used outside as they are rust resistant, a truly smart design for an organized home.

What is your favorite garage organizing tool?

A Storage Dream – PVC Storage Box and Plastic Bin Organizer

Any space that doesn’t get used on a regular basis, like a closet, garage or basement, can quickly turn into an avalanche prone mountain of stuff. Do yourself and your family a favor by making the most of any space while also making stray toys, holiday decorations or sporting equipment easy to find. Storage that makes the best use of space and is accessible doesn’t have to be hard to find.

pvc storage box organizer

pvc storage box organizer

While oversized plastic bins are a great storage option, having them stacked in your garage or basement can make them difficult to access. A plastic storage box rack like the pvc storage box organizer houses boxes without the inconvenience of not being able to to access boxes below. This rack only takes up slightly more room than the boxes do by themselves and allows you to pick out any of the individual boxes without having to move those above it.

Look for a rack with a narrow design to clear space in the garage so it’s easy to park your car and walk through. Perfect for storing sporting equipment, oversized bins are also a great way to store things like gardening supplies. Having these bins in an easy to access place makes getting ready for practice a breeze. You could even grab a bin and throw it in the back of the car.

In a game room or play area look for shelving options that feature cubbies, so you can use them as open shelving or with baskets to hide odds and ends. This is a quick way to get toys or games off the floor. Choose a basket that best suits your needs and décor, like a mesh wire style for maximum durability or a woven basket to create a warm and casual look.

12-Tote Plastic Storage Bin Organizer – Perfect For Holiday Storage

It only comes around once this time of year; it is the time of year that everyone looks forward to with… dread in their hearts. You heard me right, dread in their hearts. I am not talking about the most magical, wonderful time of the year; no, I am talking about the time right after the holiday season. I am talking about the week after Christmas.

It is the time of year that we pull our cardboard boxes back out of the attic and find all the bubble plastic wrap, and commence to searching the house for all the decorations we put up just about a month ago. Am I the only one that seriously feels like my decorations multiply each year? Everything fit right into the storage boxes before Christmas, why won’t they go back in!?!? Too much holiday desserts, I suppose.

12-tote storage box organizer

12-tote storage box organizer

This year, I would suggest trying something a little different for your holiday storage. Yes, cardboard boxes are economical and easy to get your hands on, but they tend to fall apart over the years and do not provide a sturdy place to store your most valuable decorations. I am sure everyone has a horror story of digging out their Christmas box only to find their favorite ornament or decoration has been crushed into smithereens.

I would suggest trying something out like the 12 tote storage box organizer. This storage organizer can hold up to twelve bins. Plastic totes are much sturdier than cardboard boxes and also provide excellent dust and moisture resistance. The rack is made from sturdy PVC piping, and it can be mounted to a wall for excellent stability. Each end has a clear pocket for placing identification cards into.
You can get this tote organizer at, and they also sell the totes separately.

Carrying Plastic Bins and Collapsible Crates in Cleveland

I had this dear old friend that had saved up all his hard earned money and made a move to the big city, Cleveland.  The only problem was, he didn’t save up much money at all and had to rent the smallest apartment in the entire Midwest.  “I don’t mind the size, it is cozy,” he would tell us all.  Well truth be told it was not cozy at all and it had only one miniscule closet for storage.

Collapsible Crate

Collapsible Crate

This type of tiny domicile is the kind of place that could really use some convenient collapsible storage or plastic bins.  Well luckily for my dear old friend I hooked him up during his box-in-the-wall-warming party with an innovative collapsible crate!   As he carefully unwrapped his gift from me, he noted how thin the present was – In fact he thought it was a book.  Nay my friends, it was simply the amazing collapsing action of this storage accessory, folding down to just 2.25”!

As he examined his new home storage item, he talked about how useful this crate will be for his weekly five mile walking trips to the grocery store, or for storing Mackinaw peaches when they come in season.  I told him the wonderful news that they are available in different colors from Blue, Black and Red! (I got him red; it matched his curtains.)

About six months later I went back to visit my old friend.  He had turned into a collapsible crate kingpin! There were blue crates, black crates and red crates all neatly folded up in his closet.  I asked him, what was with all the storage boxes?  And he replied, “Mackinaw season went on for three months straight!  I just kept buying them and buying them, and that folding crate was the perfect peach storage solution.”
There was just one storage crate that was still folded out. It was filled to the brim with peach pits.

Plastic Bins for Your Wine


Storvino wine crates

Storvino wine crates

I’m always on the hunt for cheap and eco-friendly things to make my life a bit easier. Who knew I could store my wine using both! These wine storage modules from Storvino are strong and lightweight – the perfect bin for your wine! These crate style modules have vertical stacking guides and special connecter ports, which means a steady, sturdy and ideal place to store your special bottles.

The perfect multi-purpose workhorse, Storvino plastic bins can be used in the house to conveniently store wine, in the car to load  up with your favorite vintages from the wine shop, and as a wine carrier for transport in between!

These also make great gifts! You can purchase them in quantities of one, three, or six.  STORViNO Wine Crates are proud to be made in the United States with a manufacturer who operates the largest plastics harvesting program in the country. STORViNO has been assured continuous access to high quality 100% Recycled High Density Polyethylene, previously in the form of grocery carts, bread and beverage trays, produce bins, solid waste containers and milk crates that have been retired.

Love your environment and your wine.  J



Clutter Control Freak and Stacks and Stacks are Having a Contest!

Win one!

Win one!

Want to win one of these for yourself? Or maybe a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack or Tie Rollers or File Folder Holders? You could be a winner! Take a gander over at Clutter Control Freak. There are several ways to enter, along with daily enties to boost your chances! Check it out!

The Coolest Plastic Bin Organizer!


If you’re like me, you love plastic storage boxes and bins for organizing! I have several in my garage for everything from Christmas decorations to summer clothes.


For the longest time I had them all neatly labeled and stacked against the side wall. But after a while I got frustrated with having to rearrange the stacks every time I wanted to access one of the plastic bins (which was inevitably on the very bottom).


Then last weekend I was shopping for some sort of solution and came upon the Storage Box Organizer at Stacks and Stacks. It holds up to twelve 15-35 gallon plastic storage boxes (max size 17″h x 19.5″w x 18″-36″d) and has a unique design that allows your bins to easily slide in and out like drawers. This unit is made of PVC piping and will hold up to 1200 lbs. Putting it together is no hassle and it includes 12 ID labels for your storage bins!


And if you want something really cool – on the same page you can also buy a set of four 32-gallon folding storage totes. The folding bins are designed to fit the box organizer, but you can also use them elsewhere. The storage bins are made out of nylon fabric covering heavy-duty PVC panels. They are moisture and mildew resistant, and the boxes and their matching lids fold up totally flat for easy storage. There’s even a clear window pocket on each end so you can label the contents!


I’ll definitely be ordering one of these for the garage! And maybe one for the attic…  🙂