Plastic Bins and Crates on the Go…

When talking shop about garage organizing, modular comes up a lot.  Modular, for our purposes, simply means customizable – in other words different sizes coming together to form a system of storage that works best for your home or business environment.  Enter this week’s featured product line, Polymer Logistics bins and accessories.  This system is […]

Using Plastic Bins for Tools and Hardware

Plastic bins are simply a must-have if you are interested in a clean and orderly garage area.  One of the best uses for these handy home organizers are for storing tools and hardware.  Here are some tips on how to choose and how to use plastic bins for tools in the garage: Large Tool Storage:  […]

Tiny Plastic Bins

Today we’re talking about plastic bins, but not your ordinary ones.  These are tiny, perfect for organizing a variety of items throughout the home, from the garage to the bathroom, office and more!  When looking for small plastic bins, keep the following tips in mind: Stackable – You want these handy little helpers to be […]

Garage Organizers for Bins – Winner!

If there were an Olympics of garage organizing tools, the Compact 12 Tote Home Organizer – Storage Box Organizer would certainly be a medalist, right along side its companion, the plastic bin.  Everyone has plastic storage boxes these days, they are an absolute must when organizing the closet or garage.  But one of the problems […]

A Storage Dream – PVC Storage Box and Plastic Bin Organizer

Any space that doesn’t get used on a regular basis, like a closet, garage or basement, can quickly turn into an avalanche prone mountain of stuff. Do yourself and your family a favor by making the most of any space while also making stray toys, holiday decorations or sporting equipment easy to find. Storage that makes the best use of space and is accessible doesn’t have to be hard to find.

12-Tote Plastic Storage Bin Organizer – Perfect For Holiday Storage

It only comes around once this time of year; it is the time of year that everyone looks forward to with… dread in their hearts. You heard me right, dread in their hearts. I am not talking about the most magical, wonderful time of the year; no, I am talking about the time right after the holiday season. I am talking about the week after Christmas.

Carrying Plastic Bins and Collapsible Crates in Cleveland

I had this dear old friend that had saved up all his hard earned money and made a move to the big city, Cleveland. The only problem was, he didn’t save up much money at all and had to rent the smallest apartment in the entire Midwest. “I don’t mind the size, it is cozy,” he would tell us all. Well truth be told it was not cozy at all and it had only one miniscule closet for storage.

Plastic Bins for Your Wine

I’m always on the hunt for cheap and eco-friendly things to make my life a bit easier. Who know I could store my wine using both! These wine storage modules from Storvino are strong and lightweight – the perfect bin for your wine!

Clutter Control Freak and Stacks and Stacks are Having a Contest!

Want to win one of these for yourself? Or maybe a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack or Tie Rollers or File Folder Holders? You could be a winner! Take a gander over at Clutter Control Freak. There are several ways to enter, along with daily enties to boost your chances! Check it out!

The Coolest Plastic Bin Organizer!

If you’re like me, you love plastic storage bins for organizing! I have several in my garage for everything from Christmas decorations to summer clothes. But I got frustrated with having to rearrange the stacks every time I wanted to access one of the bins (which was inevitably on the very bottom).