Refrigerator Storage Bins

If I could use only one product to organize my fridge, it would be refrigerator storage bins. If you’ve ever been down on your knees, cleaning up the mess from the mushrooms you forgot, the meat that thawed and leaked through the cellophane, or the Buffalo Wing sauce you inadvertently tipped as you rummaged for […]

Go paperless with the help of plastic bins

The idea of a paperless kitchen can be overwhelming — and usually it inspires the same thought process. “A paperless kitchen,” the first thought typically is, “… that means more laundry!” How does this relate to plastic bins? Bear with me. Yes, if you decide to make this transition, you will be using – and washing […]

Plastic Wine Racks?

Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!  This week’s featured product is the Fridge Binz Stackable Three-Bottle Wine Holder, made of plastic and designed for organizing, so I think it’s a safe fit for this blog, no?  For many of us, when we think of wine, we get a tad bit snooty in our […]

Plastic Bin Composter

I promise, this is an easy one, folks!  That’s right – easy, inexpensive, and one DIY weekend project that goes a long way toward helping out the planet – everybody wins! With just a few items, you can be well on your way to composting in no time at all! The benefits of home composting […]

Plastic Bins for Your Wine

I’m always on the hunt for cheap and eco-friendly things to make my life a bit easier. Who know I could store my wine using both! These wine storage modules from Storvino are strong and lightweight – the perfect bin for your wine!

A Plastic Bin for Salad?

I love salad! I bring a giant one to work with me almost every day. It’s inexpensive and healthy, and doesn’t leave me feeling too full to work after lunch. Up until now, though, I didn’t have a good way to transport them here

Keep it contained – 5 Great Uses for a Plastic Bin in the Kitchen

  1 – Seasoning Packet Storage –               I love to use a small plastic bin to put all my seasoning packets in. For the most part they are the same size and it’s easy to keep them all in one spot together. The bin fits nicely in the cabinet and takes up little […]