How to make a compost bin with a simple plastic tote

“Compost is an organic matter that has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer or soil amendment.” Thanks, Wiki. But how do you make a compost bin? A quick Pinterest search can lead to premature exhaustion and overwhelming apathy. Do not fret, you do not need to go all out to create a simple home […]

How to build a cat shelter with plastic bins

Winter weather can be deadly for our feline friends. If you’re  a cat lover like me, it can be difficult to ignore the feral kitties that come begging for food. Sometimes these felines come knocking, but for whatever reason we just cannot welcome them into our homes. That doesn’t mean we can’t help. The colder months are […]

Plastic Bins to Keep In Your Car

We all sing the praises of how useful plastic bins are for storage around the home, but what about in the car?  Turns out they can help with so many things outside of the home as well! Here is a run down of how to pick and what to use for different types of plastic […]

Plastic Bins and Crates on the Go…

When talking shop about garage organizing, modular comes up a lot.  Modular, for our purposes, simply means customizable – in other words different sizes coming together to form a system of storage that works best for your home or business environment.  Enter this week’s featured product line, Polymer Logistics bins and accessories.  This system is […]

Barbeque Party – Plastic Charcoal Bin for Summer Fun

Our featured product this week couldn’t arrive faster!  Although the kids are back in school, summer does not officially end until September 22nd.  And even then, many of us continue to enjoy warm weather well into the “fall”.  So rest assured, it is natural to still have barbecue on the brain.  The Kingsford Kaddy Charcoal […]

You’re Not The Only One Who Needs UV Protection

I have many friends that have relocated to the southwest in the last few years. For some of my friends, the cost of living is unbeatable, others have moved for the health benefits of living in a dry desert climate, and other for job opportunities. They tell me that fall-spring the weather is unmatched, bringing […]

Sporting Goods Storage Solution

I am proud to say that I have raised some very active kids. They love playing all sorts of sports, from soccer and basketball to golf and tennis. When summer comes around, that means it is time for sports camps! Between my three kids, we usually have them signed up for five or six camps […]

Keeping Summer Supplies In Check with Plastic Bins

Keeping all those summer toys contained can be a challenge. From pool toys to baseball equipment there are always items kicking around the house that could use a place of their own. Using heavy duty storage to keep everything organized and in it’s place is an easy way to store them year round.

Kingsford Kaddy Charcoal Dispenser Bin – Just In Time For BBQ Season

What’s summertime without some time spent at the grill? Everyone loves a cookout, but creating an outdoor cooking space in the backyard can be a challenge. Finding the right storage for grilling supplies makes it easy to get the grill going without having to do lots of cleanup before. When it comes to grilling everything from fish to vegetables having the right tools ensure your next cookout will be a success.

Create Storage Outdoors With A Plastic Bin

I take great pride in my back yard! It’s a lot of work, but I find that maintaining it and making it pretty is both fun and therapeutic. And of course, I get numerous complements on my ability to keep my property looking great. But I have found that it is not just a matter of planting beautiful flowers and adding garden accents. Having a back yard to be proud of also means keeping things properly stored. For me, that meant finding a clever way to store chair cushions (during bad weather season), pool toys and accessories, and other things that randomly end up in the yard.