No More Confusion: Plastic Bin Labels



I have a ton of plastic bins in my garage! I store my Christmas decorations, off season clothes, kid’s outgrown clothes and toys, art and craft supplies, my grandmother’s china and a slew of other stuff that I should probably go through. 🙂

I have written directly on my Christmas bins with permanent markers to identify the contents, but I don’t want to do that with some of the other bins as the contents will most likely change over time.

So I found these great little Bin Labels! They are little adhesive backed plastic envelopes that come with little write on cards that slip inside. You can easily write the contents of the bin on the card and place the plastic sleeve anywhere on the bin so you can identify its contents easily without having to open it! Change the contents? Change the card!

These are great for kids toy bins, too! You can even place a picture of the bin’s contents on the card for children who aren’t reading yet so they can be organized, too!

I picked these bin labels up at Stacks and Stacks dot com.

How would you use these Bin Labels?

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    Does anyone make a bin label with:

    Description __________________
    Part # ______________________
    Min ______ Max ______

  • eva

    Hi Robert – I really don’t know. I think your best bet is to make them on your computer and print them out!

  • Sarah

    This is exactly what I have been looking for! Just went to stacks and stacks and I didn’t find them. Can you post a direct link to them? I found lots of bins, but not just the labels as stand alone labels.