Best Plastic Bins for Pet Food Storage

Iris pet food containers

Iris pet food containers

I found the perfect plastic bins to store my dog’s and cat’s food – Iris Pet Food Storage Containers!

These plastic containers are airtight and designed for storing all types of dry pet food in a compact space. These great storage containers can hold all different sized bags of dog food, cat food and bird seed, or I can just pour the food directly into the container.

They’re made of durable, clear polypropylene so you can easily see how much petfood is left so you know when to buy more. Seal-tight lid keeps pet food fresh and dry, and secure from any unwanted munchers.

They come in three sizes – small, large and extra large. The large and extra large containers come with snap-on plastic wheels so you can move them easily (the small container doesn’t need casters).
Small will hold:
Cat Food aprox. 20 Lbs.
Dog Food aprox. 17 Lbs.
Bird Seed aprox. 30 Lbs.
Large will hold:
Cat Food aprox. 40 Lbs.
Dog Food aprox. 35 Lbs.
Bird Seed aprox. 60 Lbs.
Extra Large will hold:
Cat Food aprox. 50lbs
Dog Food aprox. 55 lbs
Bird Seed aprox. 100 lbs

They range in price from $12 to $46 and will last and last! These plastic pet food containers are a really good investment!

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