Store your silk flowers the right way – in a plastic bin!


I found a great article on storing silk flowers in plastic bins on The author Valerie David has TONS of great how-to articles you can use everyday. Check out these easy tips on storing silk flowers.

How to Store Silk Flowers in Plastic Bins
By Valerie David

Silk flowers can be used again and again, changed out for different seasons and holidays. When you’re not using a cluster or bouquet of flowers, you want to store them in a way that will keep them from getting damaged or covered in dust. Read on for tips on how to store silk flowers in plastic bins, keeping them in good shape and easily accessible for the next time you need them.

Things You’ll Need
· Low-profile bins that slide under furniture
· Tissue paper
· Plastic store bags (optional)
· Labels (optional)

1. Gather your silk and plastic flowers together. Separate out the longest and heaviest pieces.
2. Line the bottom of the bin with lightly crumpled tissue paper (you can use the crinkly tissue from gift bags you’ve received). The soft plastic bags you get from discount or department stores also make a great cushion. See Warnings section.
3. Lay the longest and heaviest stems in first. Angle them any way they fit. Alternate which end of the bin you rest the top of the stem in.

For the rest of these great tips, please read on here

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