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Gift wrap storage helps you save money

I love the holidays and Christmas in particular. Every year I go a little crazy with the wrapping, buying ribbon, loads of paper and other trinkets. I love making my own big bows and name tags — I think a gift means so much more when you put time into it, inside and out. It never fails though, my left over wrapping supplies get shoved in the closet come Dec. 26 and never survive the year.

Since I’ve utilized the proper storage for my wrapping hobby, my supplies last so much longer and I am not re-buying every year. It’s a huge money saver and I don’t feel so guilty about throwing out crumbled and bent up rolls of gift wrap.

Vertical storage

Gift wrap storage is nothing new, I know, but a lot of the organizers I have tried in the past fell flat — literally. I was really excited to find these awesome vertical gift wrap bins from Sterilite. The up-right design is great because it fits in closets and other tight spaces a lot easier. The organizer¬†is very sturdy; the Sterilite design stands upright no matter how much or how little you have in it! The regular size is made to hold up 25 rolls of paper measuring up to 30 inches high. The larger size is made to accommodate rolls measuring up to 40 inches high. The large one even has a compartment in the lid for ribbon!

Horizontal storage

The vertical storage may not be as great of a fit for you as it was for me. Perhaps you prefer something to you can stash under a bed or on a storage rack in the basement. In the case, the wrapping paper storage box is a great solution. This classic design is a long plastic bin with a matching red lid. This bin also fits rolls measuring up to 30 inches in length.

Ribbon and bows

If you’re like me, you wrapping doesn’t end at paper.¬†Having the proper storage for ribbon and bows is also a big money saver. This ribbon storage box and dispenser is a huge help all year long. Yes, it keeps expensive fabric ribbons neat, but it also helps dispense them when wrapping. This box is designed with a removable divider and a storage tray for scissors, tape and more.

If you prefer the peel-and-stick bows, you can get storage too. This latching bin is perfect for an entire bag of ready to go bows. This bucket style-bin has a latching lid with a handle so it easy to tote around the house, and the small size is easy to store anywhere in the home.