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Save money on DIY ornament storage and have more for gifts

Plastic bins are a never ending invite to DIY splendor. They’re great for every occasion, every season and every room of the house. The holidays are an especially great time to take advantage of these inexpensive, convenient home organizers.

For this weeks tip, you’re gonna have to gather a few supplies and get to work to transform your plastic bin into DIY ornament storage.

Now, I know you can just throw all your decorations into a plastic tub and call it day, but doing this can put your delicate decor in danger of breaking. Fragile glass ornaments or precious keepsakes require the right storage, but buying organizers can add up quickly.

To create your own ornament storage bin all you need is a plastic tote, cardboard, plastic cocktail cups and a hot glue gun. Take a large cardboard box and cut the sides to fit horizontally in your plastic bin. Next, get your hot glue got and attached plastic ups in rows across the cardboard. Glue the cup on the bottom, creating perfect little cubbies for ornaments. The short cocktail style cups work best because they allow you conserve space and add more layers of cups in the bin.

Once the glue cools and sets, you can add ornaments. Make as many layers as will comfortably fit in your bin without compromising the integrity of ornament protection.

Photo courtesy www.makinglemonadeblog.com.