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Storage Ideas: Laundry Basket

The ways to utilize plastic storage bins are endless, but sometimes you can accomplish the same storage feats without the bin. Laundry basket storage is a huge DIY phenomenon right now and the inexpensive alternative is an excellent way to corral cluttered collections throughout the home.

Obviously, you can use laundry baskets for their namesake — create your own sorting station and make the task less of a chore. But you can also think outside of the box and add laundry baskets to organize throughout the house. Old dressers and shelving units can easily be converted to accommodate laundry baskets, creating an inexpensive and streamline storage system.

There are tons of things that can be organized with laundry baskets.

Laundry Basket Storage Ideas

  • Shoes
  • Toys (stuffed animals, blocks, cars and more)
  • Pantry snack storage
  • Sports equipment storage in the garage
  • Cleaning products
  • Front hall closet organization
  • Linen closet organization

What laundry basket storage ideas do you know of?


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